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Zeal 3D Printing Services offers comprehensive services for prototyping and producing parts through a plastic injection molding process. We have advanced machines, skills, and experience to design and manufacture injection-molded plastic parts. Our plastic injection molding services are suitable for a variety of industry for designing and manufacturing high-quality plastic products. We manufacture and supply durable, functional, and cost-effective plastic injection molded products for Australian and overseas market. We can provide you the best plastic injection molding quote than China.

Being a leading provider of injection molding services, we offer a wide range of manufacturing services to OEMS which can beat the prices of China suppliers. From gears, to brackets, enclosures, knobs, pulley, automobile parts, toy parts, robot parts, etc., we make thousands of molded plastic parts. We also offer online injection molding service for which you just need to load your 2D or 3D CAD file on our website for an instant free quote.

Our Product and Services

Quality and high-resistance plastic components are essential for industrial and residential infrastructure projects. From trays to clamps, miniature pieces for joining of optical fibre and National Broadcasting Network installations, we have the best solutions for infrastructure projects. Our injection molding products are also used in the automotive industry. If you are launching a new automobile and need custom product designs, we have the best custom injection molding expertise and services with that you can also get competitive prices compared with China manufacturers. Our industrial plastic parts designs are also utilized by building and construction, food packaging, and medical industries.

We are proud of being one of the top custom injection molding suppliers for manufacturers. Our team is skilled in producing high-precision and durable plastic injection molded parts. We work with the advanced machines to handle our customers' needs for injection molded parts from low to moderate, and large quantities in any 2D and 3D shapes. Whether you want to turn conception into reality, enhance product design, or conduct injection molding and testing, we can provide a high degree of precision and aesthetic appearance to meet international standards.

Transforming vision into reality

As a leading plastic injection molding company, the mission of Zeal 3D Printing Services is to help all types of industries in transforming their vision into reality. We spare no efforts in optimizing our work processes and enhance customer satisfaction. With so many injection molding companies across Australia, what make us different from others are, our abilities to innovate, create, and use advanced 3D design software. We have the best team of designers with practical experience of creating a design specific to the manufacturing process and easy to engineer for production. We also assist our clients in reducing costs, and time for projects.

Prototype injection molding

Plastic injection molding is a faster and low-cost manufacturing process for quality and functional plastic products for a variety of uses across all industries. Our designers are experts in creating 3D CAD models with complex features and using laser-based rapid prototyping methods. We recommend all our clients to get prototypes to test fitting and functionality before going for production. Easy testing, assembling, and manufacturing are various advantages of rapid prototyping.

Zeal 3D Printing has the capacity to join fast prototyping procedures with customary, time-administration craftsmanship to deliver aluminum and zinc castings rapidly. Our infusion trim administration is perfect for cellular telephones, radio spreads, hand-held gadgets and bundling tops and fenced in areas.

A Few Advantages of our Plastic Injection Moulding Services Include:

  1. No Limits on reproduction depending upon mold
  2. Dependability in parts conveyance
  3. High efficiency with complex geometries
  4. Full scope of tooling abilities
  5. Enhanced strength and reduced manufacturing costs

Zeal Injection Molding Services additionally offers its clients an extensive variety of auxiliary administration alternatives that incorporate machining, powder covering, silk screening, painting and ultrasonic welding. Zeal Injection Molding Services utilizes the most recent machines to deliver high-quality plastic products.

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