Vacuum Casting Service

Vacuum casting is one of the widely-used prototyping and manufacturing methods. It allows producing high-quality molds, and re-manufacturing of parts and components using polyurethane resins. It is not only ideal for duplicating the performance of engineering products but is also cost-effective compared to injection molding. It is the most preferred method for high-quality prototypes and low-volume production.

Whether you need to create a master mold or already have one, our vacuum casting services will help you achieve identical parts in the required quantity. In case you are providing the master mold, ensure that it can endure a 40° C temperature. We provide a comprehensive turnkey solution for creating master molds and identical cast copies matching to the CAD designs.  You can produce around 50 parts with our master molds and continue for low batch production after retooling. Our plastic vacuum casting services are best for creating prototypes for testing, displaying, and end users. We guarantee you high-quality cast components.

Vacuum casting procedure

To make plastic vacuum parts, we follow three of these three steps:

  • Master Patterns

A CAD design of the intended part is first prepared which is then transformed into patterns. We use Stereolithography (SLA) to create master patterns. The patterns that we build are highly-resistant to heat and can endure heat up to 40°C.

  • Making Molds

We use RTV silicon rubber to make molds. These molds don't shrink like others and have strong dimensional stability. Moreover, the use of RTV guarantees easy release from the master cast on their own.

  • Casting Copies

Once the mold is made, you can use any type of casting resins for duplicating the original part by pouring the selected resins into the empty cavity. Our RTV silicone molds are good for making up to 50 copies of the master pattern.

Zeal 3D printing Services vacuum casting products gives you access to top-notch, low volume reproduction of "generation like parts" in an assortment of materials. We also prepare metal casting molds and have the state-of-the-art metal casting plant. You can rely on us for metal vacuum casting service. We add pigment to the polyurethane resins prior to casting for coloring and finishing. Our expert can match colors of the original parts exactly. The vacuum mold casting process we follow allows us in producing parts in different types of polymers. Moreover, the vacuum cast plastic parts are flexible and robust and ideal for use as prototypes and final parts.

Our vacuum casting products are potential of imitating strength, flexibility, elasticity, rigidity, high temperature, and fire resistance.

Why Zeal 3D Printing for Plastic and Metal Vacuum Casting

  • Affordable price for molds
  • Faster making of molds
  • Varieties of materials for casting and over molding
  • Accurate and high-quality cast copies with an immaculate finish
  • Rapid prototypes, engineering models, and low-volume production
  • Get competitive prices compared with china manufacturers with shorter turnaround times.

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