3D Innovation: Wearable 3d Printed Zinc Ion Eco-Friendly Battery

As the craze of wearable devices is increasing, the manufacturing companies are pushing their limits to deliver the best in class and better battery life devices to the customers. All the wearable devices are not the same, every device is different from each other and has a different power requirement.

Generally, the batteries of such devices are square or rectangle in shape which leads to devices which are having similar shape and size. To solve this problem, people from the Department of Materials Science KAIST and Harvard University are using additive manufacturing for designing freestyle batteries which can be used in various novel shape devices.

Wearable 3d printed zinc Ion battery

Now you have 3D printed batteries for your smartwatch:

The main reason behind this concept was the space and design optimization of the wearables. As we know, if we can manage to shape the batteries as we need, we will be able to manufacture devices which are more lightweight and more easy to carry. Researchers are planning to print power sources which are U, H and ring type in shapes.

The main advantage of having a ring type battery is that companies can design fitness wearables which you can just wear comfortably like a ring(be ready to upgrade your old fitness devices).

Environment Safe Batteries for your wearables:

The researchers are using environmentally friendly aqueous Zn-ion material to design various shape batteries using 3d printing technology. In this process, manufacturers are using Zn2+ chemical instead of the Li+ which works as a charge carrier. This is because the new chemicals and material are safer to use and wear. Also, these batteries are less affected by the direct fire, unlike the traditional generations and are more stable when they come in contact with oxygen and outside moisture.

It takes less time to manufacture batteries:

To design batteries using 3d printing services requires less time and the performance of these batteries are also equal to the normal ones. This is going to be the future of devices. Wearables are just a beginning; there is a strong possibility that we will soon see mobile phones of unique designs which will use these kinds of freestyle batteries.

3d printed battery

Nano Technology is the new game-changer:

All such researches revolve around the sizes of devices. To take this game one step ahead, we have the nanotechnology. This tech platform will allow playing with circuits and batteries from the core level. By proper analyzing the structure and architecture of device, new style power sources can be made.

As in small devices, we are using the coin shape power supplies which are just for one time use. The research team is trying to create such batteries which are as small as the coin and which can also be recharged easily just like our cell phone batteries.

If you also have such a revolutionary idea which can solve a bigger technology using the additive manufacturing, you must execute your plan using any online 3d printing company or workshop. The world needs solutions like this.

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