Vero Clear (Polyjet)

QualityUltra Smooth Surface
Min Details0.2mmm
Minimum wall Thickness1mm
Maximum Size250x250x200mm
Heat Resistance70°C
ColorTransperent/ Clear

Our VeroClear resin material (translucent Polyjet resin) creates 3D printed objects from a base of photosensitive polymer liquid. That translucent liquid is then solidified by UV light layer by layer to create a rigid and highly detailed prints which are comparable to injection molded plastics. The final product has a naturally smooth surface which can be polished further to create near full transparency.

VeroClear Resin 3D prints create objects which are particularly smooth and precise. They are perfect for ornamental objects, but they can also be used for more mechanical uses if the strain on the object is not too great. The VeroClear Resin (translucent Polyjet resin) is also often used by large companies when prototyping new designs. Though everyone from beginning designers to experienced professionals can also benefit from the great liberty in design the material offers.

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