The Positive Impact of 3D Printing Services on Your Business

3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing that is employed to create objects out of varied materials (plastic being the most popular among these) from a digitally generated 3D model. The speed, accuracy and finesse of 3D print technology make it ideal as prototyping services, especially in the manufacturing industry.

The online 3D printing process works by adding the chosen material one layer at a time, which ultimately results in a complete end part/ product. This ‘additive’ mode of production is the reason behind the nomenclature, additive manufacturing. There are a number of ways 3D printing services are benefitting manufacturing businesses.


Save Time and Costs

With the advent of 3D printing in manufacturing, businesses can now do away with the need to create expensive moulds out of which the design would be earlier cast or shaped. In conventional moulding, the expenses are irrecoverable, even if the end product turns out to be defective! 3D print materials can be directly printed onto a surface in order to obtain a product, thereby saving both costs as well as the time is taken for overall production.

Short Production Runs

A major advantage of 3D printing is that it facilitates short production runs, depending on the demand for spare parts/ end products. Mass customizations are thereby much easier with 3D printing. This is especially useful in industries such as medical and healthcare where biomedical products (for example, prosthetics and the ongoing research into printable organs) have to be tailored to the particular needs of a patient.

Rapid Prototyping

This is, perhaps, the biggest benefit businesses can derive out of the use of 3D printing for the manufacturing industry. Prototypes, thus, obtained, can be presented to investors and prospective clients to make a big impression. Demonstrate the functionality and aesthetics of your products without having to waste unnecessary amounts of money.

Rapid prototyping services are also proving to be an essential addition to the R&D process of businesses. The entire process of product development can be expedited without additional investments of time and money.

Rapid Prototyping Services

Flexibility with Designs

The advantageous prototyping that 3D printing brings into businesses also allows designers to make changes and modifications, as well as take liberties with the product designs. With the pressure of additional costs out of the way, it becomes easier to test new materials and concepts for 3D manufacturing. This ultimately leads to greater product innovation, while also reducing production wastage. Imagine how impressed your customers will be!

Smart Storage Solutions

3D printing is a digital process. This means, you generate your 3D prints and store the data on a computer system, to be retrieved as and when required, from anywhere in the world. Digital inventory and storage is a major source of relief especially for small businesses who can now reconsider their whole supply-chain management in a manner that suits their budget and resources.

The Verdict

3D printing services in Australia are poised to give your business the much-needed edge over your competitors. Not only on the manufacturing side, but business models can also include marketing and branding strategies based on this disruptive technology.

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