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Your Business Idea In Reality With Zeal 3D

We help budding startup founders plan, launch, market, and manage their businesses within the right audience. Our business experts and networking leaders give new heights to your startup and impact a large number of people. Our startup accelerator and incubator programs empower manufacturing, engineering, and product development companies.

Harness The Power of Right Investing, Strategising, and Execution With Zeal


Explore Our Programs

  • Discover a wide range of our startup incubator and startup accelerator program
  • Pick the right enterprise development strategy to grow your startup
  • Exclusive incubator and accelerator programs

Plan & Launch With Us

  • Discuss, plan and launch your business idea
  • Grow your business multifold
  • Get the right competitive mentorship

Networking & Marketing Assistance

  • Get 360° marketing and networking assistance for your startup
  • Our experts and cut the competition in your industry

We Strengthen Your

Our business program is designed to give your startup the proper foundation. With Zeal, you can access essential resources and develop skill sets for future endeavors. Whether you’re into ​​smart manufacturing or engineering R&D, we help you with the right resources.

Grow with the Right

Zeal offers access to a vast pool of industry veterans, experienced entrepreneurs, and investors. With them by your side, you're guaranteed to get the most out of your experience with Zeal. We help manufacturing, engineering, and industrial design startups go big and create an impact.

Develop a Global

Our Entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) program provides you access to top-tier EIRs from all over the world. Learn from their experiences and develop a global perspective for your business.

Get All the Assistance
You Need

We provide all the resources and assistance you need for product design and development and grow your startup. From business planning to marketing, we've got you covered. With Zeal, you're guaranteed to unlock the potential of your business and transform it into a reality.

Zeal's Application Process

Online Startup Accelerator

Application & Interview

Application Review Process:
Once you submit your application, our mentors will explore it comprehensively and email you within 3 to 5 business days to inform you whether you've been selected for the interview.

Entrepreneur Interview:
Once your idea is approved, our team will email you with the interview link. We recommend you book your interview spot quickly to avoid the last-minute rush.

Manufacturing Startup

Process & Timeline

Cohort Applications:
The cohort applications are due no later than the 15th unless you ask for an extension. We suggest you apply 30 days before every cohort launch.

Investment Timeline:
When Zeal commits to an approval round, we expect to complete our internal due diligence and investment process in less than 90 days of term sheet issuance.

Why Zeal for Your Startup Incubation and Accelerator Process?

We believe in entrepreneurs like YOU and we strive to make all succeed by offering state-of-the-art resources and mentorship to win in the real world.
We offer:

A Wide Range of Incubator Programs

We have a wide range of incubator programs to choose from, each catering to a different need. With Zeal, you can select the right program for your startup and get started. Whether you’re a manufacturing startup or an engineering company, we’ve got you covered.

We Connect You with the Right Network

Building a network is the most critical aspect of a startup. With Zeal, you get access to a vast network of industry veterans and entrepreneurs who can help you grow your business. Accelerate your business growth with Zeal’s online startup accelerator programs.

We Offer Expert Mentorship

From business planning to marketing, we provide all the resources and the mentorship you need to grow your startup. Unlock the right direction to achieve your startup's true potential with our best accelerator programs for startups.

What Does Zeal Do for Your Startup?

We are a full-fledged and end-to-end business incubator offering you state-of-the-art help to kickstart your business idea in the real world. We offer:

Zeal's incubator programs are open to all. We accept startups from any industry and of any stage. If you have a business idea, you're eligible for our program.

Yes, Zeal also funds startups. We provide access to a vast network of investors and angel investors who can help finance your business.

Mentors are assigned to you based on your industry and stage. You will be paired with a mentor who has extensive experience in your business area.

Yes, we encourage all our startups to visit us. You can come down for a meeting or take a tour of our facilities.

Some of the benefits of being in an incubator are access to essential resources, expert mentorship, a vast network of industry veterans and entrepreneurs, and funding opportunities. With Zeal, you get all of this and more.

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