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SLA rapid prototyping is the abbreviated form of Stereolithography, an additive manufacturing technology for creating models, patterns, production parts, jewelry items, dental implants, and educational tools. It's a laser-based technology that converts liquid resin into solid parts. It is affordable for engineering, product design, and manufacturing.

SLA Applications

At Zeal 3D Printing, we use SLA 3D printing service when you need low-cost, but quality prototypes ready for final production in less time. We apply this versatile technology to create functional parts, high-precision casting patterns, jewelry items, prosthetic parts, and mechanical items for testing and fitting. We can print and ship required parts in a day's time.

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SLA 3d Printing Services

How SLA Works

SLA 3d printing method is widely used by manufacturing, medical, and jewelry industries for rapid prototyping and final products with high accuracy, durability, and smoothness. Just like other additive manufacturing technologies, SLA 3D Printing process starts with a 3D CAD file developed in SolidWorks, Self CAD, Sculpt, or other CAD software programs.

SLA printers are equipped with a resin tray, a perforated mobile platform (Z axis), a scraping system (X axis), an ultraviolet laser, and a computer program to control the platform and UV laser. First, a thin layer of photopolymer is exposed above the Z axis for the perforated platform. The design file then starts printing as soon as the laser gets directed to the Z axis. The liquid resin gets hardened by the UV laser according to the 3D file and one layer is printed.

The platform is then lowered to expose the new layer of resin liquid. The laser repeats the process of tracing a cross-section of the object. The process is continued until all the layers required to print the object is completed. The three-dimensional object is exposed after raising the platform, which is rinsed of excess resin afterward. The object is then inserted into an ultraviolet oven to bake and plastic curing.

SLA 3D Printing Service

Zeal 3D Printing offers cost-effective SLA 3D printing service to engineering, medical, and jewelry industries. We can save your precious time with our outsourcing service. When you are on tight budget and schedule, our team can handle your requirement and deadline. Upload your MRI and CAD files for strong, durable, and functional models. We have advanced SLA printers to print detailed parts with high accuracy and faster.

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