Signage Industry

Signage Industry

Signage industry has been helping private and public corporations in creating and erecting billboards, placards, banners, advertisements, etc. for years. But recently, it has found a new tool in 3D printing. Courtesy to the founders of Dublin-based company, GaraGeeks – Niccolò Gallarati and Davide Viganò. These duos are the first to realize the potential of 3D printing for corporate branding when they found and exploited the use of laser cutters and CNC routers in the signage industry.

3D Printed Business Signs vs. Traditional Business Signs

Gallarati and Viganò found that the usual business signs with engraved brass were something people didn't value. When they discovered a new application in 3D printer and witnessed that a 3D printed business sign with a company logo in color and perfect shape offered a gleaming touch, they took it as a business opportunity. The 3D printed sign not only added depth, but also gave a lasting impact to the display. The printed image or sign with depth, color, and shape was also easy to remember, and appeared different from the traditional business signs.

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Advantage of 3D printed business signs

3D printed business signs add punch to a company's image and have become a quick and inexpensive mode of advertisement. It is also less time-consuming than the traditional sing printing methods. Moreover, they are durable and can sustain any weather condition owing to usage of ABS plastic in printing. What's more, there is no chance of the color of the image to fade away due to colored plastic.

Order 3D printed business signs

If you want your business sign to create punch and lasting impression on viewers' mind, get it 3D printed now. Not only the 3D printed signs are inexpensive, they are long-lasting as well. All you need to do is choose the font, foreground and background color, upload company logo, and get the business sign delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world.
For corporate branding, Zeal 3D Printing, Australia is the best option. They have years of experience, graphic designing skills, high-end 3D printers, and proficiency in a wide range of printing material.

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