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Advanced 3D Printing Technology

We provide 3D printing service in technologies like FDM, SLS,SLA , MJM, MJF, PolyJet, DMLS, SLM etc.

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Vacuum Casting Service

Vacuum casting is one of the widely-used prototyping for mass batch production and small batch manufacturing. It allows producing high-quality moulds, and re-manufacturing of parts and components using polyurethane resins. It is ideal for duplicating the performance of engineering products. It is the most preferred method for high-quality prototypes and low-volume production.

Whether you need to create a master mould or already have one, vacuum casting services at Zeal 3D Printing will help you achieve identical parts in the required quantity. In case you are providing the master mould, ensure that it can endure a 40° C temperature. We provide a comprehensive turnkey solution for creating master moulds and identical cast copies matching the CAD designs.

You can produce around 50 parts with our master moulds and continue for low batch production after retooling. We also offer vacuum pressure casting and silicone vacuum casting for excellent quality products.

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Our plastic vacuum casting services are best for creating prototypes for testing, displaying, and end users. We guarantee you high-quality cast components. We are the best Vacuum Casting Company with a comprehensive range of modern casting services.


Vacuum casting is the best option for small batch production because it allows you to manufacture high-quality moulding with polyurethane resins. This process replicates the plastic manufacturing processes without the high cost.

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Urethane Vacuum Casting

Urethane casting is ideally suited for small batch manufacturing in which limited quantities of materials is required. The technology is especially valuable in mass customisation manufacturing.

Save More on Each Piece: When compared to additive manufacturing, urethane casting parts are extremely cost-effective, especially when you need prototypes for mass production manufacturing. The process of urethane casting can mould partscontinuously.

  • Reduce Tooling Cost: The cost for silicone moulds, used in vacuum casting, is decidedly lower than aluminium or steel tools used in injection moulding.
  • Tooling Lead Time: This is also a win-win situation for manufacturers as urethane casting is less time-consuming (10 days)than traditional injection moulding (4-8 weeks).

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  • Diversity of Materials Used: Vacuum casting offers a versatile range of materials
  • Quality Part Finish: Urethane casting offers the same strength and surface finish as parts produced using injection moulding. Moreover, one can also carry out secondary application on parts created using urethane resins.

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Vacuum casting gives consistent quality for mass production as well as small batch production. This offers a flexibility to the replication process of master modelthat enables engineers to craft as many models as required without doing anything much.

Get the best in class Vacuum Casting Resin to manufacture amazing PU resins and cast nylon prototypes only at Zeal 3D Printing Services. We are the largest manufacturer of vacuum casting resin items which offers you great quality and durability at a much better costing compared with other processes.