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Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

We provide advanced manufacturing services in technologies like 3d printing, CNC machining, vacuum casting, injection molding, etc.

On Time Project Delivery

on time project delivery

With locations in all over Australia we can assure lightning fast delivery.

Australia Wide Expandation

Australia wide expandation

Zeal 3D is present in
Victoria, NSW, Western Australia,
Queensland and Tasmania.

Experienced Engineers

Team of expert engineers with more than 15 years of experience.


Zeal 3D's Tailored Structural Steel Fabrication Solutions

Gates and Automation

Commercial Fit Outs

Commercial Fit Outs

Handrails And Balustrading

Handrails And Balustrading

Decorative Panels

Decorative Panels

Wrought Iron Works

Wrought Iron Works

Welding and Repair Services

Welding Services and Repair Services

Commercial Fit Outs

1. Gates and Automation:

First impressions count, and our custom gates are designed to make a lasting one. From one-of-the-kind designs to intricate, traditional styles, our skilled artisans craft gates that seamlessly blend form and function. But we don't stop there – we also offer automated gate systems that bring ultimate convenience to your doorstep. With just a touch, you can control access and enhance security, making your life a little easier, one entrance at a time.

2. Commercial Fit Outs:

Offices, stores, you name it - if it's a commercial space, we're all over it. Our team links up with the architects and designers to bring their ideas to reality using structural steel. Custom fixtures, displays, architectural flair - we make it all happen while checking those pesky compliance boxes too. Style and safety? You got it.

3. Handrails And Balustrading:

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Safety and style go hand-in-hand with our handrails and balustrading solutions. We understand that these elements are more than just functional necessities – they're opportunities to elevate the overall aesthetic of your space. From minimalist, modern designs to ornate, traditional masterpieces, our skilled structural steel fabricators can create custom railings that not only provide reliable support but also serve as breathtaking focal points.

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4. Decorative Panels:

Let's get creative, shall we? Our artisan metalworkers can sculpt decorative panels out of steel, aluminium, bronze - you name it. Intricate patterns, unique motifs, total show-stoppers. Whether you want to glam up an entryway or make a commercial space a literary work of art, these panels are where it's at.

5. Wrought Iron Works:

Timeless elegance meets exceptional craftsmanship in our wrought iron works. Our craftspeople are true masters of this old-world technique. They forge and shape the iron into everything from ornamental railings and gates to bonkers of intricate furniture. Each piece is a unique work of art, showcasing the beauty and durability of this enduring material.

6. Welding Services and Repair Services:

At the end of the day, if the welding isn't up to snuff, the whole show falls apart. Our welders are certified rockstars, adhering to the strictest standards to ensure every bead is a work of strength and seamless art. Need something new fabricated or an existing piece rehabbed? Our welding team has you covered.

Welding and Repair Services

Industrial Use Cases of Structural Steel Fabrication Services

Structural Steel Fabrication for Construction

1. Automotive Industry:

Fabricated steel plays a vital role in manufacturing automotive plants, equipment, and certain vehicle components. Automotive fabricators supply a range of sturdy steel structures and tooling, including:

  • Conveyor system frames and support structures
  • Robotic assemblies and machinery skeletons
  • Truck frames, chassis reinforcements
  • Auto Body stamping dies and fixtures

2. Construction Industry:

The backbone of buildings, bridges, and infrastructure projects relies heavily on prefabricated structural steel components. These fabricated steel pieces come together to form the sturdy skeletons and architectural elements, such as:

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  • I-beams, W-beams, columns for framing
  • Trusses for long-span roofing systems
  • Stairs, railings, architectural features
  • Reinforcing bar (rebar) for concrete reinforcement

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3. Power Generation:

Steel fabrication is essential for power plants, refineries, and heavy equipment in energy production. Fabricated steel components that enable these operations include:

  • Pressure vessels, tanks, pipe supports
  • Turbine pedestals and casings
  • Boiler skeletons and structural supports
  • Transmission tower components

4. Mining & Material Handling:

The rugged mining industry depends on ultra-sturdy fabricated steel for equipment and operations. Fabricated steel makes up the strong bones of many mining machines and structures, such as:

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  • Bucket structures for excavators/loaders
  • Chassis and bodies for hauler trucks
  • Conveyor systems and transfer stations
  • Rail car components and maintenance structures

5. Industrial Machinery:

Precision fabrication enables the manufacture of robust machinery frames and components. Finely crafted steel pieces allow for the assembly of rock-solid industrial equipment like:

  • Machine tool beds, bases and framing
  • Cutting fixtures and workholding devices
  • Robotic skeletons and automation structures
  • Presses, rollers, and other forming equipment

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Structural Steel Fabrications in Power Generations

Benefits Of Structural Steel Fabrication

Strength and Durability: Let's just come right out and say it - structural steel is an absolute beast when it comes to strength. We're talking about some seriously heavy-duty load-bearing capabilities here, folks. Whether you need to span massive distances or support incredible weights, fabricated steel sections have the muscles to get it done without even breaking a sweat.

Precision, Fine-Tuned: One of the beauties of fabricating structural steel elements is the crazy precision we can achieve. Our heavy structural steel fabrication process allows us to cut, drill, bend and weld steel components to exact specifications down to the tiniest fractions. Need a beam with uniquely positioned holes for service runs? No problem. Custom angles for some elegant architectural flare? You got it. When it comes to dialled-in precision, structure steel fabrication can't be beaten.

Speed: Compared to other building methods like cast-in-place concrete, prefabricated steel components off-site allows for lightning-fast construction timelines. Our structural steel fabrication team works in parallel with site prep to manufacture components ahead of time. Once foundations are ready, we can rapidly unload and erect the prefabbed steel frames and structures, shaving months off gruelling schedules.

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Eco Friendly: For starters, it's amazingly recyclable - pretty much an infinite life cycle for repurposing old steel. Manufacturing it is also incredibly efficient with very little excess waste created during fabrication. And let's not forget the long-lasting durability and low maintenance needs of steel structures which reduces environmental impact over their lifetimes.

Flexibility: You'd think something as rigid as steel wouldn't allow much flexibility. But you'd be wrong! Our fabrication capabilities make it possible to craft steel components into just about any shape, size or geometry you can dream up. Curved façades, soaring arches, free-form sculptures - steel can do it all thanks to techniques like rolled forming, laser/plasma cutting and skilled welding work.

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Structural Steel Fabrication Advantages
Steel Fabrication Materials

Structural Steel Fabrication Materials

Structural Steel: An alloy containing iron along with varying amounts of carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulphur, and silicon. The specific composition determines the steel grade and properties.

  • A36 Steel - One of the most common structural steel grades. Low carbon content for good weldability.
  • A572 Steel - High-strength low-alloy steel. Higher strength than A36 while maintaining weldability.
  • A992 Steel - Structural steel for buildings, bridges, etc. Improved toughness over A36.
  • A913 Steel - High-strength steel for bridges, buildings, equipment. Higher yield strength than A992.
  • A500 Steel - Cold-formed tubing and pipe. Used for structural fabrication supports, railings, frames.
  • A501 Steel - Hot-formed tubing and pipe. Similar to A500 but hot-rolled.
  • A588 Steel - Weathering or atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel. Forms protective oxide coating.

Carbon Steel: Carbon steel is an affordable and versatile alloy made by combining iron and carbon. It's the workhorse material for many structural applications.

  • Mild Steel (Low Carbon)

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  • Medium Carbon Steel
  • High Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel provides great corrosion and oxidation resistance thanks to its chromium content, making it ideal for harsh environments.

  • Austenitic (300 Series)
  • Ferritic (400 Series)
  • Martensitic
  • Duplex

Alloy Steel: Alloy steels are enhanced with alloying elements like nickel, chromium, and manganese to improve properties like strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance.

  • High-Strength Low-Alloy (HSLA)
  • Chromium Alloys
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Manganese Alloys

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Structural Steel Fabrication Services

At Zeal 3D, we understand that structural steel fabrication is more than just cutting and welding metal. It's an art form that demands precision, attention to detail, and a deep knowledge about engineering principles. We've got engineers, craftsmen, and artists all working together to turn your ambitious structural designs into real-life steel masterpieces.

We have all the latest tech and equipment, but more importantly, an obsessive commitment to quality. Whether it's an intricate, head-turning decorative piece or a massive structural behemoth built to last a millennium, we've got you covered. As a pioneering structural steel manufacturer in Melbourne, we ensure every last detail to ensure your project meets the highest standards for structural integrity and jaw-dropping looks. When it comes to turning your biggest, boldest structural dreams into real-world masterpieces, you can count on Zeal 3D to deliver with excellence.

What is Structural Steel Fabrication?

Structural steel fabrication is the backbone of construction - literally. It involves taking raw steel and

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transforming it into the brawny columns, beams, and trusses designed to bear immense weight and provide buildings with an ultra-sturdy skeleton.

Our structural steel fabricators meticulously cut, bend, weld, and assemble steel components with insane precision based on architectural plans. This pre-built steel framework gets trucked to the site and bolted together, creating the load-bearing core that everything else gets constructed around.

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Structural Steel Fabrication Services
Steel Fabrication Process

Steel Fabrication Process

Design Blueprint: It all starts with the design - our engineers and detailers pore over those architectural plans like their lives depend on it. We're talking precision down to the millimetre, making sure every last nut and bolt is accounted for with brilliant detail.

Material Sourcing: With the designs locked and loaded, it's off to procurement. We carefully source high-quality raw steel from trusted suppliers. Quality in, quality out - that's our motto when it comes to materials.

Steel Cutting: Now the real action begins on the fabrication floor. It's an impressive sight with automated structural steel fabrication machines and skilled operators working in tandem. Beams, columns, trusses - you name it, we slice, drill and bend that steel into exact specifications.

Preparation Primping: But we're not done yet! Each component needs some primping and prepping before the big show. That means surfaces prepped, weld seams gunned down, finishes applied - the full spa treatment to get these pieces performance-ready.

Stage Construction: Finally, it's showtime! Our assembly masters dig into the architectural game plan, piecing together the structural steel puzzles with methodical care. Every joint is secured by our certified welding rockstars as these structures quite literally come to life before our eyes.

Why Choose Zeal for Structural Steel Fabrication?

Expert Craftsmanship: When it comes to structural steel, you can't mess around. You need a team that knows their stuff inside and out. At Zeal 3D, our crew is made up of some seriously talented folks. They've got years of experience under their belts, so they can spot potential issues from a mile away and nip 'em in the bud before they become real problems.

Top-notch Facilities: But it's not just about the people – we've also got all the top-notch gear and tech to back them up. Our facilities are stocked with state-of-the-art equipment that lets us crank out components with pinpoint accuracy every single time. It doesn't matter if it's a funky architectural design or a heavy-duty industrial build – we'll make sure it's built to perfection.

Customisation: And if you need something a little extra special, we're the team for custom jobs. Our experts will work hand-in-hand with you to bring your unique vision to life. Want a killer custom feature or some brand-specific tweaks? Consider it done.

Material Diversity: Being one of the leading structural steel fabrication companies, we've got access to a

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wide variety of structural steel materials to choose from. So whether you need high-strength alloys for heavy industrial use or beautiful architecturally-exposed steel for stunning designs, we can source exactly what your project requires.

On-Time Delivery: Speaking of builds, we pride ourselves on keeping things moving smoothly. As a leading structural steel fabrication service in Melbourne, Our team has got some killer project management skills to keep your job travelling down the line without any delays or hiccups. We'll have your steel ready to roll when you need it, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Passion for Excellence: At the end of the day, we're a group of folks who honestly love what we do. Structural steel is our passion, and it shows in every piece we put out there. Choose Zeal 3D and you'll get a final product that checks all the boxes – quality, innovation, and a team that truly cares about getting it right.

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