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Online Coding Classes.

Online coding courses are here to spur students’ interests in STEM education. Using online coding tool like scratch students can start learning basic coding, teachers are now able to visually present concepts and theories that are otherwise difficult to grasp.

We have a team of experts with professional industrial experience specialized in each domain who will guide you.

Online Coding Classes

Why Coding for Kids

According to study conducted by NASA it is identified that the creativity in kids is at peak at age of 6 and then it starts declining.
There are a number of reasons why it’s important for kids to learn to code. First, programming concepts teach kids logical thinking. We teach how to approach problems systematically, and to implement and test their code one step at a time.

Our coding courses divided into 3 catagories

  1. Basic- Scratch coding (Prep to Grade 1)
  2. Intermediate – Scratch coding and Kodu coding ((Grade 2 to Grade3)
  3. Advanced- - Python Programming (Grade 4 and above)

Your Kids Will Learn


Curriculum Includes

1. Scratch Programming
Basic coding program
for kids using free online
tool called scratch

Price: $399


Curriculum Includes

1. Scratch Programming
2. Kodu Programming
Basic coding program for kids
using free tool called kodu

Price: $599


Curriculum Includes

1. Python Programming

Basic Python programming

Price: $699

Overlook at courses

1. Basic - ScratchJr is designed at MIT by a group of talented researchers to match young children’s cognitive, in the basic course we use scratch to teach the coding to kids. Children computational thinking and learn the basics of programming patterns.
2. Intermediate - We teach kids using both Skratch and Kodu programming. While Scratch will help kids to develop computational and logical thinking at the same time kids can implement their imaginations in a 3D visual environment, KODU.
3. Advanced - Once the kid learns basic programming on Skratch and Kodu we teach the python programming language Python is a general-purpose programming language which is widely known for its efficiency and user-friendliness. Python is an easy to learn, powerful programming language.

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