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Online CAD courses are here to spur students’ interests in STEM education. Using CAD tools, teachers are now able to visually present concepts and theories that are otherwise difficult to grasp.

We have a team of experts with professional industrial experience specialized in each domain who will guide you.

Online CAD Learning
CAD Training for Kids

Why CAD training for Kids?

Computer-aided design is a vital part of the design process these days. Using SOLIDWORKS will provide younger children with very valuable experience in working in the 3D environment and designing in an iterative and creative way that is currently used in the industry. In addition to this, they will be using and applying a wealth of Numeracy skills to use the software. Teaching design, engineering, and Numeracy through CAD can give a 3D, physical ‘realness’ to concepts such as geometry that often are hard to grasp without that visualization.

Our courses are divided into 3 basic categories –

  1. Basic – Tinker CAD, Sketchup & Netfabb
  2. Intermediate – AutoCAD, Solidworks Basic
  3. Advanced- Solidworks advanced

Your Kids Will Learn


12 Classes                             2 Classes Each Week

Curriculum includes
2.Basic Sketchup

Price: $499


16 Classes                          2 Classes Each Week

Curriculum includes

Price: $599


20 Classes                          2 Classes Each Week

Curriculum includes
1.Solidworks Advanced
Includes all domains
2D + 3D Training

Price: $1199

Get 3D printed model free

Each course will include basics of 3D printing in which students will get to learn basic information about 3D Printing which will include:
1. Introduction to 3D Printing.
2. Designing a model for 3D Printing by students.
2. Slicing and build preparation for 3D Printing.
The special extra lectures will be conducted in which students will learn, right from the preparation of the CAD for 3D printing to preparation of printing build.
And each student will get their own designs 3D Printed absolutely FREE!!!

3D Printed Models
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