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Extrusion Services Australia

Extrusion is an industrial manufacturing process used to create items of fixed shape and cross-sectional profile. In this process, the material's block is passed through a custom cross-sectional die. This process can produce items of complex geometry, and it can efficiently work with brittle materials.

In this process, the material's block faces shear and compressive stresses and the objects made from this process achieve an excellent-quality surface finish. The fundamental advantage of extrusion is that it can create complex cross-sections without compromising on quality.

Aluminium, steel, and plastic extrusion are some of the popular categories of this manufacturing process. It is a highly customizable process, and it is possible to perform in both cold and hot temperatures. The extrusion process can produce objects in a continuous and semi-continuous way that ensures excellent quality in bulk and limited quantity production.

At Zeal, we offer a wide range of metal extrusion options, including aluminium and more. Along with metal, our experienced team also brings in professional polystyrene extrusion to accomplish your custom product manufacturing. Experience the best extrusion in Australia from Zeal with a faster turnaround and affordable cost.

Extruded Aluminum Product

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Extruded Aluminum Profile

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Types of Extrusion Processes

There are four significant types of extrusion processes that are used to produce objects of different quality. At Zeal, our expert team covers all operations to deliver you the best quality end products.

Cold Extrusion - In the cold extrusion process, the metal blocks are force passed through a design die at room temperature. In cold steel or aluminium extrusions, the metal comes in slugs and then it's poured into the design die's feeder. At the feeder, the high pressure joins the metal parts together to create the final product. Some common materials used in the cold extrusion process are aluminium, copper, and steel. We at Zeal offer the best cold aluminium extrusions in Australia to cater to your every complex product requirement.

Hot Extrusion - The hot metal extrusion process involves metal heating at high temperature and force pushing it into the design die when the metal is in the liquid molten state. The temperature can range from 340°C (for magnesium) to 700°C (for steel). We at Zeal offer the best hot aluminium extrusions in Melbourne to cater to your manufacturing specifications.

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Friction Extrusion - It is a modern extrusion method, and it involves metal slugs' rotation on the design die position. When the die rotates against the metal block, it creates heat due to high metal-to-metal friction across the die's entry. With the produced heat, the metal quickly passes through the die of the desired share. It's a modern extrusion process, and our team at Zeal gets you covered with this advanced technique. Your search for friction aluminium extrusion in Sydney completes at Zeal as we cover your every custom product requirements.

Micro Extrusion - Micro extrusion is among the latest manufacturing processes which can produce complex geometric micro-sized objects. The design die's cross-section area is around only 1 millimetre and makes micro-objects production easy and fast. This production technique is suitable for producing micro-sized spare parts.

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Applications of the extrusion process

The extrusion process is used in various industries due to its ability to create products with uniform cross-sectional shapes. The process can be used to produce pipes, rods, tubes, channels, and profiles in a wide range of metals, plastics, and composites. The extrusion process offers significant advantages over other manufacturing methods in many cases. This process is ideal for creating parts with complex shapes that traditional methods cannot produce. Zeal is a leading company offering metal and plastic extrusion services. Some of the applications of extrusion services are:

  • Low cost per part production
  • Greater design flexibility with higher accuracy
  • High production continuous and semi-continuous production
  • Excellent quality surface finishing
  • Complex mechanical properties are more comfortable to achieve
Aluminium Extrusion Service

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Advantages of the extrusion manufacturing process

There are many advantages to using the extrusion manufacturing process across multiple industries. Whether automotive, aerospace or medical, extrusion offers a consistent and reliable method for producing high-quality parts.

The extrusion process is very versatile, allowing manufacturers to produce various products with varying shapes and sizes. Additionally, because extrusion is a continuous process, it can produce large quantities of parts quickly and efficiently. Zeal is an innovative digital manufacturing company offering plastic and aluminium extrusions in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. Some of the critical advantages of the extrusion manufacturing process are:

  • The extrusion process is widely employed for manufacturing hollow pipes, tubes and more.
  • Aluminium and other metal extrusion processes are used for producing prototyping structures.
  • Polystyrene Extrusion is used for manufacturing complex plastic objects.
  • Extrusion is also used in producing pharmaceutical products.

Why Zeal for Extrusion?

Zeal is a professional manufacturing service provider, and we are catering to various industries for more than a decade. We are professional company offering high quality aluminium extrusions in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Professional Service
At Zeal, we believe in offering professional technical services to our customers to achieve the highest quality work at affordable costs. We strive to deliver quality products and timely solutions to accomplish all your production requirements with great care.

Top-Notch Quality
We are serving the manufacturing industry for more than a decade and we are committed to providing excellent industry-standard production. Zeal's robust technical team brings the best-customized solution to set your product apart from the rest.

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Timely Delivery
Experience quality product delivery with shorter lead times in Australia. We are your reliable and trustworthy extrusion partner to fulfil your every complex manufacturing requirement. Take advantage of a faster turn around with Zeal.

Zeal is equipped with a modern extrusion workshop, and we offer both low and high volume custom production to match your business requirements. Experience a cost-effective and high-quality extrusion manufacturing process at Zeal 3d.

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Extrusion Aluminum

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