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Advanced 3D Printing Technology

We provide 3D printing service in technologies like FDM, SLS,SLA , MJM, MJF, PolyJet, DMLS, SLM etc.

on time project delivery

With locations in all over Australia we can assure lightning fast delivery.

Australia wide expandation

Zeal 3D Printing is present in
Victoria, NSW, Western Australia,
Queensland and Tasmania.

Experienced Engineers

Team of expert engineers with more than 10 years of experience in prototyping.

ISO 9001 : 2015

ISO 9001-2015 certified

Committed to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement.

CNC Machining Services

CNC is an abbreviation for Computer Numeric Control that is used in the manufacturing process where a workpiece is cut in required shape and size with machine tools that is controlled by a pre-defined software program. It is basically a subtractive manufacturing process that removes excess materials from the workpiece by cutting it in the required shape.

A great amount of skills and precision are required to program the equipment in order to achieve accuracy, speed up cutting time, and enhance final tolerance matching to design specifications. The market of CNC is growing at a blazing speed, every country is working on it. 

At Zeal 3D Printing, you will receive unmatched CNC machining and custom CNC machining services as we work with advanced CNC equipment that is potential to handle all sorts of CNC machining and CNC turning and milling services. We have work experience of the latest CNC software programs. Our expertise in CNC machining services along with 3D printing services makes us the most sought-after engineering company for advanced prototyping and manufacturing.

CNC Machining Service Australia
CNC machining prototype service for rapid production parts

CNC Machining Prototype Service

Our CNC machining prototype service is perfect for rapid production parts in low and mid-volume. We are skilled in machining parts in metals, plastics, and various materials. Our talented machinists will also recommend speciality materials that suit your project. Whether it is a prototype or final production, we guarantee fast, cost-effective, and robust services. 

Our state-of-the-art studio can handle any type of CNC rapid prototyping and needs for volume production. From complex CAD design implementation to precision CNC machining, we do it all adhering all necessary industrial manufacturing standards.

Besides production parts and prototypes, our engineers and machinists are experienced in developing mould tools for plastic injection moulding or providing pressure die casting services as well.

CNC Machining Products

We work with advanced CNC equipment for machining parts. Our studio has the latest CNC Routers, Lathes, Grinders, and Mills. Our expertise in CNC precision machining can help you create any complex parts with overwhelming precision. We cater our services to a wide range of manufacturing industries. We offer CNC machining services to small, medium, and large organizations for prototyping and manufacturing of parts and components. Discuss your requirements with us, and we will schedule CNC machining services for you in a manner that will help you deliver quality projects in time.

We Offer Advanced CNC Machining Services To Following Industries:

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  • Automobile
  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • Electronics
  • Defence & Aerospace
  • Healthcare
  • Architectural
  • Mining

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CNC Machining Products
Durable CNC plastic & composites machined parts

CNC Plastic & Composites Machining

Creating CNC parts and components in plastics and composites poses lots of technical challenges. Our experts can easily handle all the difficulties that arise during CNC plastic machining process, and create affordable, strong, and durable plastic & composites machined parts. With us, you will get plastic and composites machined parts in as much quantity as you need.

Our engineers and machinists are skilled in managing the ideal spindle speed as well as the feed rates essential for favourable outcome of the plastic and composites machining process. To aid them, our studio is also equipped with advanced tools to make high-quality tools required for the machining project. Feel free to contact Zeal 3D Printing for a wide range of plastic and composites machined parts. 

Precision CNC Machining Services

We are expert in CNC turning and milling service for manufacturing parts that need a high degree of dimensional tolerance and complex shapes. We offer unmatched CNC precision milling and turning service to cater to your complex industrial jobs. We get you the best CNC machining services with amazing bespoke services. Our talented and experienced team is capable of offering custom CNC milling services to meet all your manufacturing specifications with three-axis and five-axis milling. We have the requisite manpower to handle all your production needs and schedules.

Applications of CNC machining

  • High-quality end products
  • Tooling and mould manufacturing
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Low-volume production
Custom CNC Machining Services
Advantages of CNC Machining

Advantages of CNC Manufacturing

Advanced CNC Service gives you higher precision, speed, optimized-cost production, and freedom to build a product of a custom size. Zeal brings in a wide range of high-performance CNC materials to achieve the precision and accuracy in the end product. Here are some instrumental benefits of CNC machining service to your product manufacturing:

  • Higher Accuracy & Precision
    Take advantage of the best CNC Machine in Australia with higher precision, accuracy and tolerance levels within 0.001 to 0.005.
  • On-demand Scalability
    We offer on-demand scalability for your CNC cutting service so you don't need to worry about quantity.
  • Cost-Effectiveness
    Avail the most affordable CNC Machining in Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane with professional-grade precision.
  • Ample Material Options
    Pick the right material for your product manufacturing from our collection of 30+ plastic and metal-based materials.
  • Faster Turnaround
    Get your part ready in a shorter lead time and boost your business process.
  • Bespoke Finishes
    Zeal offers higher customization and different finishing options including anodizing, chroming, polishing to meet the highest quality standards

Difference Between Onshore & Offshore CNC Machining

Zeal offers both onshore and offshore CNC machining services to fulfil your manufacturing requirements. Below are some major differences between the two:

  • Lead Time Difference
    Onshore CNC milling services are 2X faster compared to the offshore manufacturing process.
  • Costing
    Onshore CNC costing is 30-40% higher than the offshore services.

We operate in major cities of Australia as well as in Toledo, Ohio, USA. And, our off-shore quotations are more affordable than you will find in China or India.

onshore and offshore CNC machining services
CNC Material Options

CNC Material Options

Zeal offers the best CNC machining in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth with the availability of a wide range of plastic and metal materials. Have a look at some of the popular materials available at Zeal:

  • Plastic Materials:
    ABS, ABS-M30i, ASA, PC, PC-ISO, Nylon, Ultem, and more
  • Metal Materials:
    Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass, Titanium, Copper, and more


Finishing options

At Zeal, we cover an extensive range of material finishing to achieve the required quality for your products or prototype:

  • Standard (as manufactured)
  • Sanding
  • Bead blasting
  • Anodizing
  • Painting
  • Polishing
  • Plating
  • Electropolishing
  • Brushing
  • Chrome-plating
  • Texturing
CNC Finishing
CNC turning mills

CNC Turning Services

We work with advanced machines for offering CNC turning services and meeting any design specifications. Our CNC turning mills are laced with advanced traits of lathes and mills that provide greater efficiency and achieve complex geometries. Our advanced turning mills enable us to bore any shapes on a rotating workpiece. We have CNC lathes that can cut the rotating workpiece at any required angles and in multiple shapes. 

Benefits of contract manufacturing through Zeal

Zeal has been offering CNC machining services for years in major cities of Australia including Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. Along with onshore services, Zeal also offers affordable offshore services. 

If you are looking for the best services in China or India, then our offshore services have got you covered. We offer professional & superior quality onshore and offshore services for your business: Below are some compelling benefits of availing services from Zeal: 

  • Zeal is an ISO certified leading company and quality and product satisfaction are our priority
  • Before delivering you the products, we perform offshore quality-control tests along with onshore tests to ensure highest-standard products.
  • Zeal is a local Australian-based company, so you don't have to worry about anything as we have got you covered for your every requirement. And, we have full-fledged workshops at our offshore locations.
  • We have advanced CNC equipment to create rapid prototypes and production parts in low and high volume. We work with a team of engineers and machinists from every part of the world.
  • We offer fast, cost-effective, and high-quality CNC machining services.

We follow stringent inspection and testing procedures to ensure customer satisfaction. With Zeal 3D printing, you will get a guarantee for your project and peace of mind. You will receive high-quality and precision CNC machine parts for your CNC projects. 

CNC Production Parts
CNC Machining Metal Parts


Regarding advanced manufacturing methods, CNC machining tops the list, offering a wide range of applications. Be it prototyping or mass manufacturing, this technique provides robust performance and scalability to manufacturers. This comprehensive CNC guide will walk you through all the essential elements if you're new to CNC machining.


CNC Machining Metal Parts


Regarding advanced manufacturing methods, CNC machining tops the list, offering a wide range of applications. Be it prototyping or mass manufacturing, this technique provides robust performance and scalability to manufacturers. This comprehensive CNC guide will walk you through all the essential elements if you're new to CNC machining.