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Mild Steel CNC Machining

Mild steel is the most extensively utilized type of steel in a variety of industries. It is a type of low-carbon steel that is malleable and ductile due to its low carbon content, which ranges from 0.05 to 0.25 percent. Mild steels are widely used due to their superior machinability and weldability, as well as their low cost. Manufacturers frequently utilize the material for high-volume parts such as screw machine parts, shafts, minimally stressed gears, and hard-wearing surfaces, pins, and chains due to its low cost.

CNC machining in mild steel is the process of machining or customizing mild steel grades in order to produce high-precision and reliable mild steel machined parts for a variety of industry applications. CNC machining produces parts that can deliver a versatile and customer-specific end-product to numerous industries by using a methodical strategy at every stage of mild steel CNC machining or CNC milling process. CNC machined mild steel is the most extensively used manufacturing material, with applications ranging from construction to automobile. For years, Zeal 3D has been delivering high-quality CNC machining in Australia's major cities, including Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane, with ultimate customer satisfaction.

CNC machining in Mild steel
CNC Machining Mild Steel Parts

Available Materials

Every mild steel machining service has the expertise and equipment needed to create mild steel machined parts to exacting standards. Such mild steel CNC machining services select the best mild steel grades as follows to match customer requirements in terms of quality and reliability fully.

Mild Steel 1018: This mild steel grade has a unique blend of toughness and ductility, allowing it to endure machining techniques such as machining, drilling, welding, forging, cold drawing, and heat treatment. SAE 1018 is a mild steel machined item that is used to create shafts, spindles, pins, rods, and sprocket assemblies.

Mild Steel 1045: This type of mild steel has good weldability, machinability, and high strength qualities in either normalized or hot-rolled form. Mild steel AISE1045, available as forged or normalized, is utilized in applications requiring increased strength and wear resistance.

Steel S235JR: Steel S235JR is ideal for machining, welding, riveting, and fabricating bolted connections. S235JR is easy to forge and bend, making it perfect for non-critical construction with the very similar machinability properties of mild steel. S235JR is commonly used in the construction of buildings and bridges, as well as vehicles, equipment, and cutters.

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Mild Steel A36: This type of mild steel grade can handle grinding, punching, tapping, drilling, and machining. It's one of the most commonly used hot-rolled steel alloys in the mild steel machining process for producing a variety of CNC machining Mild steel Materials.

Steel C45: Steel C45 is an unalloyed medium carbon steel that has mild steel characteristics such as machinability and tensile strength. It is widely used in a variety of sectors for applications requiring increased strength and wear resistance.

Steel S355J2: S355J2 is a high-tensile, low-carbon manganese steel that is easy to weld and has outstanding impact resistance (in sub-zero temperatures as well). In addition, S355J2 is frequently supplied in the untreated or normalized state, whose machinability is similar to that of mild steel.

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Advantages of Mild Steel CNC Machining

Mild steel is a widely available, high-quality material that can be used in a wide range of engineering applications. The following features contribute to the growing popularity and widespread use of mild steel CNC machining:

  • Mild steel is tensile and impact resistant with excellent weldability and ductility.
  • Due to its inherent flexibility, mild steel can be easily machined and molded into many shapes.
  • Since mild steel is flexible, it can be easily machined and molded.
  • Mild steel is easier to mold, drill, weld, and cut to specified standards than higher carbon steels.
  • Mild steel possesses high resistance to breakage.
  • Several finishing procedures are suitable for mild steel, resulting in the desired end product for a variety of applications.
Mild Steel CNC Machining Part
Mild Steel Machined Parts

Applications of CNC Machined Mild Steel Parts

Due to their high quality and versatility, mild steel machined parts are employed for a variety of applications in a diverse set of industries.

Defense: High-quality and precise CNC machined mild steel parts and components are always in high demand in the military and defense industry. In order to meet the grade equipment requirements for the defense industry applications, mild steel parts must be machined with stringent design, high tolerance, ultra-high accuracy specifications, the best durability, and for maximum manufacturability.

Mining: The mining industry is incredibly complex, and there are many stages used to produce a single final good. Despite the emphasis on output, safety is always the main priority. As a result, each component is required to satisfy a stringent set of quality requirements. No other manufacturing technology can consistently and dependably supply quality for all types of needs for the mining sector, much like CNC machined mild steel parts can.

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Automotive: CNC-machined mild steel parts are frequently used in the automotive sector for both prototyping and mass production. Components like gearboxes, axels, valves, and cylinder blocks can all be machined from extruded metal. Contrarily, CNC machines are used to create plastic parts for fuel gauges and dashboard panels.

Oil and Gas: The oil and gas sector is another that needs precise tolerances for safety-critical CNC machined applications. Additionally, this industry uses CNC milling machines to produce trustworthy parts including cylinders, pistons, pins, rods, and valves. These parts are typically used in pipelines or refineries.

Production: Numerical control applications require high-quality components, and CNC machining can seamlessly produce these components in the most accurate way possible. This mild steel CNC machining technology enables the production of a wide range of parts due to its material adaptability. In general, CNC machining is a successful production technique for various tasks for a variety of sectors, regardless of their size or scope.

Construction: In construction applications, materials that can be swiftly coupled and withstand shifting loads are required. As a result, mild steel is an excellent choice for a variety of building construction applications.

Pipelines and Poles: Mild steel's excellent ductility has made it an ideal option for the construction of pipelines and poles that need to withstand harsh environments.

Machinery Applications: Mild steel is frequently utilized in the construction of machinery and automobiles since it is inexpensive, versatile in terms of cutting and coating processes, and has good weldability while maintaining adequate physical qualities.

Cookware and Cutlery: While stainless steel cookware was formerly the only option, nowadays, chefs are discovering the benefits of mild steel cookware. The cutting equipment made of mild steel is more durable, has a greater temperature limit, and may be adjusted to make a non-sticking substance.

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Why Zeal 3D for CNC Machining Mild steel?

  • Zeal 3D is an Australian 3D printing firm with ISO 9001: 2015 certification that offers ideation to production support to its clients.

    • Zeal 3D offers CNC machining services for all metals, including stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, copper, and titanium for customers in numerous industries that need top-notch metal parts for their goods and applications.
  • The engineers of Zeal 3D have more than 15 years of experience in the field. We assist in choosing different materials for various businesses in addition to providing CNC services.
  • Zeal 3D therefore has the experience and ability to suit your demands, whether you require a single prototype or a substantial production run.
  • To receive a quote or learn more about our CNC machining services, contact us.
Mild Steel CNC Machining


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