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Advanced 3D Printing Technology

We provide 3D printing service in technologies like FDM, SLS, SLA, MJM, MJF, PolyJet, DMLS, SLM, etc.

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Development in 3D printing technology is supporting automotive industry in achieving unsurpassed aerodynamics. Whether it is the design of a vehicle, or making and testing prototypes, and final parts, this magnificent technology is refining manufacturing methods. We feel no inhibitions in proclaiming that 3D printing for automotive industry is all set to become a boon.

Why 3D Printing for Automotive Design?

A physical representation of a design is the first step of the manufacturing process in automotive industry. A scale model with smooth surface and high detail involving complex geometries helps in communicating and showcasing the overall concept clearly. That's where prototyping using 3D printing comes handy. The 3D printing technology is right for creating and testing low-cost high detail prototypes be they for exterior or interior of the vehicle. Whether it is prototyping the dashboard in full color, or creating a light-weight component for the engine, 3D print service has effective solutions for all vehicle prototyping needs. With automotive 3D printing, we can make functional prototypes in a few hours or days depending on the size.

3D Printing for Automotive Industry
3D Printing Automotive

Mitigating challenges in automotive industry

Automotive is a creative and challenging field where designing and mechanical skills play a crucial role. Manufacturers have to struggle to produce lightweight, durable parts at a low cost. Moreover, ensuring the strength and efficiency of the products also poses new challenges. At Zeal 3D, we work with the advanced 3D printers to make functional prototypes and finished parts bearing complex geometries. We have helped manufacturing companies with additive manufacturing where they couldn't take the production on a large scale for one-off components. Any 3d printed car parts that go in the vehicle can be tailored with additive manufacturing.

3D printing technologies can produce car parts with unique designs, which was earlier not possible. So, we can meet the challenges that the automotive industry poses in terms of design and production.

Zeal 3D is committed to helping the automotive sector grow by providing hassle-free and innovative 3D printing solutions. We have a team of skilled professionals who can meet any automotive industry challenge. With our advanced 3d printing applications in the automotive industry, we can help you with prototypes, production parts, and tooling. In addition to this, we also offer our clients customized solutions that fit their specific needs. Experience the best custom services with the support of our 45+ industrial-grade 3d printing materials.

Application of 3D printing in Automotive Industry

Allowing for making prototypes and final parts that are tough with traditional methods is the greatest advantage of 3D printing for the automotive industry. We strive to maximize the potential of this technology for boosting the designing and manufacturing of automotive 3d printing car parts and components. From designing and creating an appealing colored dashboard to producing efficient fuel systems and intricate braking mechanisms, 3D printing has a wider application in the automotive industry. It can be best used for pre-production, production, and customization of parts for enhancing vehicle performance.

We, at Zeal 3D, is ecstatic about helping the OEM in delivering low-cost, lightweight, and durable automotive prototypes and finished parts.

Some of the crucial 3d printing applications of 3d printing in the automotive industry:

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  • Vehicle Prototyping: One of the most common applications of 3d printing for the automotive industry is creating prototypes. It helps automakers and suppliers to visualize, test, and modify new designs.
  • Design Customisation: 3D printing offers great potential for automakers to personalize their products according to customer requirements. It also helps create unique and one-off designs that are not possible with traditional methods.
  • Low-Volume Production: The automotive industry is a high-volume production business. However, there are specific components or parts that require low volumes. 3D printing is perfect for producing these parts as it does not require a high setup.

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3D Printed Parts for Automotive Industry

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Automobile Parts Manufacturing Industry

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How Does Zeal 3D Help the Automobile Parts Manufacturing Industry?

Zeal 3D is a 3d printing hub closely working with several auto parts manufacturing companies. Our experienced team of engineers help the automobile parts manufacturing industry in multiple ways, including:

Modified Car Parts Designing

We understand that with the ever-changing trends in the automotive manufacturing industry, it is essential for auto parts manufacturers to design and produce modified car parts quickly and efficiently. 3D printing allows for designing, rapid prototyping and production of car modifications parts so that companies can keep up with the latest trends.

Mitigating Parts Failure Risk

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Often manufacturing automobile parts companies have to deal with the risk of parts failure. Zeal 3D helps auto parts manufacturers reduce this risk by allowing them to quickly produce prototype car parts for testing before mass production. This way, automotive parts suppliers can be sure that the spare parts they are manufacturing are of high quality and will not fail.

Digitizing inventory

Even the largest automotive parts manufacturers and aftermarket auto parts manufacturers face challenges managing their extensive inventory. Zeal 3D helps companies with on-demand 3d printing. With this advancement, auto spares suppliers only need to send us the CAD file, and we can 3d print spare parts when the demand is higher. Digitizing the inventory and printing parts on-demand streamlines the automobile spare parts manufacturing.

High-Performance Parts Manufacturing

As the trends of aftermarket car modifications and aftermarket car mods are booming, Zeal 3D helps OEMs scale their business. We help OEMs in the automobile industry to create custom parts with intricate designs cost-effectively. Compared to the traditional auto parts suppliers manufacturing, 3d printing technology allows them to make car parts with much more complex geometries.

Reduced Lead Time

The traditional automobile spare part suppliers and a car parts manufacturer can't meet the sudden surge in product demand due to a lack of scalability. Zeal 3D acts as an extended partner to help a car parts maker to mass-produce parts at scale in a shorter turn-around time. The ease of scalability helps direct spares automotive businesses to grow profitability by reducing the supply chain dependency.

Get started with Zeal 3D and make a difference. We've been working with several largest auto parts manufacturers to cater to their ever-evolving product requirements.

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