Restorations in Museums Using 3D Printing in Australia

3D printing for a museum, along with 3D scanning services, are proving invaluable in cultural preservation efforts. This trend has witnessed an upward trajectory, especially in the last decade as archaeologists, museologists, and anyone dedicated to the work of heritage management and conservation strive to preserve and restore fragile historical artefact.

3D Printing for Museums

Benefits of 3D Printing Technology for Museums

1. Create Digital Replicas: 3D printers can create physical replicas of artefact and artwork from digital 3D models. Museums can now allow their visitors the experience of touching these 3D replicas, something that was impossible with the originals. These digital artefact files can also be stored and shared online and printed in any corner of the globe!

2. 3D Conservation: Fragile items that need extra care while handling, can be easily reproduced using additive manufacturing techniques. This enables museum curators to display replicas of even the most damaged artefacts. While the latter is stored away, the replicas created through non-contact 3D scanning replace them in the gallery.

3. Achieve Greater Accuracy: 3D scanning is an accurate way to capture minute details to perfection. With a digital inventory of 3D scanned models, museums have greater flexibility in restoring and reproducing original collections than merely relying on 2D pictures.

4. Increase Accessibility to Museums and Cultural Heritage: With 3D scanning, it is now possible for heritage enthusiasts to take virtual tours of museums from the comfort of their homes. So, even if they cannot make it to a famous museum housing some of the most ancient artefacts of human history, they can have a feel of the museum galleries through this pathbreaking technology!

5. Print Your Own Artefacts at Home: With the availability of 3D scan data online, museum visitors can also download and 3D print their favourite artefacts or artwork from the museum they visited. There are a few celebrated museums around the world that offer this license system to select patrons.

3D Printing used for Museums

Zeal 3D Printing Services – A Museum Ally

As we debate the pros and cons of applying additive manufacturing techniques to museum operations, there is one name that stands out for its reliability and experience – Zeal 3D printing services.

Online 3D printing with Zeal gives you access to advanced 3D scanning and 3D modelling services, apart from 3D print services, that help museum curators make collections available to more people. Preserve historical objects with 3D laser scanning or digitize sculptures and precious artwork.

Museums, in collaboration with Zeal 3D printing, are now able to produce replicas of artefacts, for example, which could then be used in outreach programs. Tactile visitor experiences, as facilitated by 3D museum exhibits, can become a real gamechanger as the museum sector endeavours to bring back visitors to their empty galleries.

If museum and history enthusiasts are unable to visit the museum in person, 3D scanning by Zeal, using non-contact 3D scanners, can offer a virtual museum experience!

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