Polyjet 3D Printing

PolyJet is the fastest additive manufacturing technology with potential to produce high-definition, smooth, and accurate parts. The parts obtained by this printing technology perfectly simulate mechanical properties of the digital file. This technology produces cured objects that need less or no tooling and can be used instantly.

PolyJet 3D printing is ideal for creating soft, rigid, colourful parts of high resolution and intricate geometries using a wide range of printing materials. It is the best technology when a wide range of materials for printing 3D models in single build is required.

PolyJet 3D Printing Process

Polyjet printers jet out tiny droplets of photopolymer liquid on to the build platform, which is then cured instantly by ultraviolet light. The benefit of PolyJet 3D printing process is its ability to use a wide variety of materials to print a single object. The printed parts bear fine details, with smooth surface and multiple colors. Further finishing, smoothing, and painting of the parts are easy as well. Moreover, the plastic parts are hard enough to be drilled or tapped.

Polyjet 3d Printing in Melbourne
Polyjet 3d Printing Services
3d Printed Pipe in Polyjet

Ideal applications of PolyJet

PolyJet printing process is ideal when multiple materials are necessary for printing parts. They are best for rapid prototyping and production of parts in small numbers. This technology is widely used for creating high-precision parts for aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, and consumer goods industries. Designers, engineers, and manufacturers prefer PolyJet printing for parts with high accuracy and fine details for several uses.

PolyJet 3D Printing Service

Zeal 3D Printing uses advanced 3D printing machines for rapid prototyping and creating of solid parts with intricate forms and shapes. When your projects need realistic models made of multiple materials in varied colors with high precision, thermal resistance, and smooth surface finish, we are here to provide efficient solutions.

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