QualitySlightly Rough
Min Details1.0mm
Minimum wall Thickness1.0mm
Maximum Size300x300x450mm
Heat Resistance70 °C
ColorWhite, Black, Red,Grey, Green, Purple, Transperent, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Orange,Clear, Brown

PLA is offered in four colors: black, white, gray and orange. The printing process creates visible stepping between layers. Support structures are generated to scaffold overhangs, which are manualay removed after printing. The stepping and support structures create a coarse and sometimes rough surface. This is a great material to use for prototyping and perfecting your final design.

Printed using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology, the process uses an extrusion technique to deposit molten plastic onto build platform layer by layer. Plastic filament is fed through a nozzle which heats up the plastic to a semi-liquid state. This is then deposited along a defined extrusion path on top of a heated build platform. This process is repeated for each layer of your model. As each layer is deposited on top of the preceding layer, the plastic solidifies as it cools. Support structures are generated on overhangs to scaffold your model and prevent warping. These are then removed after the build. Due to the layer by layer process, a staircase effect will be visible on your models.

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