After-sales support and service proposition

This is one of our core strength. Given our engineering background, we are in a very comfortable position to support and service customers. As this very critical to business success, below is a detailed explanation:

A. Customer Support

  1. Online Content - In addition to the printer instruction manual, Customers will get access to rich online content that will address most of their pain points - this will be supported through FAQs, Videos and Forums.
  2. Online Live - We will be conducting a regular bimonthly webnairs through google hangouts focussed for new customers to quickly get them used to the printer and software.
  3. Demo At Delivery - We are planning to conduct a 'Demo At Delivery', with the very own printer, while this will be included for customers purchasing the extended warranty, it will be an add-on to other customers.
  4. 3D Studio - Twice every month our franchise partners will conduct open days for demonstrating the capability of 3D Pritning including trouble shooting and education. All the customers purchasing during the past month will get a priority admission to this open-day sessions.
  5. Onsite Demo - This is most effective tool. Our Sales Engineer will physically attend the customer to conduct a complete structured demo of the printer. We have already received good feedback from our customers. This includes explaining the printer components, software installation to actual usage and test printing.This package is offered free of cost to our corporate and exclusive customers.

B. Customer Service

  1. Resident Engineers - We have resident technicians currently capable of repairing any component of the 3D printers. We can fully assemble the printer and deal with software/firmware issues. We have capability to deal with any software and hardware related issues. As a proxy, we are entirely dealing the customer support for the two printers we are selling now. Once we sign up with you, we will be training them exclusively in Ups.
  2. Franchise Engineers - Further all our Franchise partners will need to comply with having one resident engineer trained by us. By this we can ensure each franchise hub is capably of selling, servicing and supporting the customers. Additionally as a requirement they will be required to stock the spares to immediate replacement.
  3. Network Engineers - All our retailers/resellers will be offered free training to be able to handle customer service requests.
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