Into the Future: AI Meets 3D Printing Design Service

The industrial future is 3D. According to this report, the global 3D printing industry is expected to reach $5.2 billion in 2020. However, additive manufacturing involves certain obstacles that are yet to be overcome in order for it to become standard industry practice.

For example, online 3D printing requires constant monitoring of several variables in order to achieve accuracy in printing. Trial and error solutions to achieve this accuracy are not sustainable. This is where AI applications can step in to improve manufacturing processes and lower costs of production.

In this article, we explain how AI systems can aid 3D printing design services.

AI with 3D Printing

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines. Thus, it is also called machine intelligence. Machines can be designed to perform advanced tasks by imitating intelligent human behavior.

AI Applications in 3D Printing

3D printing is a revolutionary technology. However, it is also a complex tool requiring precision and monitoring at the highest level of efficiency. And, artificial intelligence does just that.

  • 3D software

In order to 3D print any object, a 3D model has to be prepared first, using CAD software. AI can contribute to the improvement of these 3D models by helping to eliminate errors in real-time.

  • Detection of defects

Computer vision technology allows for the detection of even the most microscopic cracks in 3D printed machine parts. This helps to increase the quality of additive manufacturing manifold. Real-time control of errors could potentially reduce production time and materials wastes. AI applications improve the geometric accuracy of CAD models. Their use also leads to improved consistency, ensuring the same degree of performance of the 3D printed parts even if it’s printed on a different machine in the future.

Creating the Factory of the Future

Additive manufacturing has become an essential tool because of the several advantages it brings to the manufacturing process. However, it is yet to reach the level of perfection that it can potentially achieve. This is largely because the processes are still very dependent on human supervision.

3D printing also faces a scaling problem. This means that while small components are easier to 3D print, larger ones can become cumbersome and expensive to produce. The development of machine learning can substantially negate these shortcomings.

The combination of machine learning and 3D printing promises a great future together. Artificial Intelligence has actually made the possibility of autonomous 3D printing factories, with their time-saving capabilities, a reality.

3D Printing with Artificial Intelligence

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