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Transparent Acrylic

Look and Feel:-

Transparent Acrylic Plastic is associate acrylic-based photopolymer that comes in white, black and clear. we have a tendency to advocate mistreatment this material for smaller, elaborate product that do not face high stress or heat. the extent of detail for these product is high, however individual layers area unit a lot of visible than in robust & versatile plastics.


This Material:-

1] is watertight
2] not foodsafe
3] not useful 
4] not dishwasher safe
Acrylic plastic is heatproof to 48ºC / 118.4ºF degrees. Higher temperatures could considerably modification material properties.



Smooth Surface
Minimum Details
0.20 mm
Minimum wall Thickness
1.00 mm
Maximum Size
250 x 250 x 200 mm
Heat Resistance
48.00 °C