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High Definition Acrylate

Look and Feel:-

High Definition salt is formed of a photo-reactive rosin. it's written victimization Direct light-weight Projection (DLP) technology that provides glorious resolution and accuracy. it's capable of fine details and is thus ideal for miniatures and models trains. to boot, the DLP method produces a swish surface, creating it like minded for painting. the fabric is heat resistant up to 120°C and is written at fifty metric linear unit layer thickness.

The color ranges from matte black to a dark gray charcoal.

For Black Hi-Def salt with Supports, your product are going to be shipped with support structures still hooked up to your model. Supports area unit toothpick-like scaffolds written to support your structure.


How It's 3D Printed :-

Printed victimization DLP technology, the method uses color spectrum light-weight to cure the liquid rosin one layer at a time. A rosin bathtub sits on top of a high resolution projector that comes cross-sectional pictures of your model onto the rosin on top of. The rosin cures with exposure to light-weight, solidification a complete layer with one pass. The build platform raises and this method is continual for every layer, slowly increase your model. Support structures area unit generated to secure your model to the build platform, stop distortion and reinforce overhangs and alternative complicated options. once printing is finished, we have a tendency to take away the models from the build platform and clean them from any residual uncured material left on the models. The models area unit then post-cured by ultraviolet illumination. Once the models area unit absolutely cured, they're aloof from the kitchen appliance and also the support structures are removed.



Minimum Details
0.10 mm
Minimum wall Thickness
0.50 mm
Maximum Size
84 × 63 × 200 mm mm
Heat Resistance
0.00 °C