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Elasto Plastic

Look and Feel:-

Elasto Plastic is Associate in Nursing off-white stuff that's terribly versatile. it's a rough, farinaceous end, and is kind of robust once written with thick options (greater than 5mm). Elasto Plastic is Associate in Nursing experimental material, and though we’re terribly excited concerning its capabilities, the standard isn't prepared for broader use.


Handling and Care This Material:-

1] not watertight
2] not foodsafe
3] not reusable
4] not dishwasher safe
Elasto plastic is heatproof to 90ºC / 194ºF degrees. Higher temperatures could considerably modification material properties.



Shiny white, Brittle
Minimum Details
1.00 mm
Minimum wall Thickness
0.80 mm
Maximum Size
300 × 300 × 150 mm mm
Heat Resistance
90.00 °C