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Castable Wax

Look and Feel:-

Castable Wax features a wealthy blue color, and a weight and surface feel like ancient candle wax. Wax merchandise typically have white patches caused by slight remnants of the support material, however these shouldn't have an effect on the wax' forgedability or the ultimate cast product.


Trial Period:-

Wax is presently offered as a shot to provide North American nation a chance to find out regarding what we are able to with success print, clean, and ship. Please remember that when the trial, we have a tendency to could got to change style pointers, pricing, and/ or time interval.


Handling and care:-

Wax is incredibly fragile, and will be handled terribly fastidiously. Even with our custom soft packaging, Wax merchandise typically break within the mail when we have a tendency to ship them to you. If this can be the case, please contact client service, and that we will reprint it for you.

Castable Wax will be forged aboard customary wax employing a customary burnout cycle. Wax is incredibly temperature sensitive, and can become significantly brittle once cold. it'll begin softening around 60C or 140F and melts at 80C or 176F. It will slowly deform and weaken over time, thus we have a tendency to suggest casting your product as shortly as doable once you receive it.

We make sure the quality of your Wax product up till you receive it, however we won't be chargeable for any modifications that square measure created when. Once sprues are supplementary to a Wax product, or it's been forged into metal, we have a tendency to cannot guarantee its quality.



Shiny white, Brittle
Minimum Details
0.10 mm
Minimum wall Thickness
0.50 mm
Maximum Size
75 × 75 × 50 mm mm
Heat Resistance
0.00 °C