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Frosted Detail Plastic

Look and Feel:-

Frosted extremist Detail and opaque Extreme Detail area unit each manufactured from a UV cured acrylic compound. whereas each provide high resolution, opaque Extreme Detail uses a 16 micron layer height to provide implausibly fine options, creating it a good selection for miniatures, model trains, and product with terribly fine decorated or carved  details. each materials area unit compatible for painting, and area unit comparatively brittle, particularly once options area unit skinny. the fabric is heat resistant up to 80°C / 176°F degrees.


Handling and Care This Material:-

1] is watertight
2] not dishwasher safe
3] not useful 
4] not foodsafe
Frosted detail plastics area unit heatproof to 80°C / 176°F degrees. Higher temperatures might considerably modification material properties.



Smooth Surface
Minimum Details
0.10 mm
Minimum wall Thickness
0.30 mm
Maximum Size
284 × 184 × 203 mm mm
Heat Resistance
80.00 °C