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Nylon Plastic(SLS)

Look and Feel:-

This material is improbably versatile, and might be used for a large kind of applications, from iPhone cases to jewellery, remote controlled quadcopters to wearable bikinis. When thin, it's versatile enough for hinges and comes. When thick, it's sturdy enough for structural elements. Strong & versatile merchandise altogether colours besides white and black square measure polished and so artificial employing a manual method. thanks to the inherrent variability of this method, color could vary slightly between merchandise.


Print It Anyway:-

We square measure piloting a brand new manner for you to bring experimental merchandise to life. With Print It Anyway, you may receive a 3D print in your hand, though your model doesn't meet our style tips. Learn additional concerning Print It Anyway. All sturdy & versatile finishes square measure eligible for Print It Anyway.


This Materials:-

1] is dishwasher safe

2] not watertight

3] not reusable

4] not foodsafe

Strong & versatile plastics square measure heatproof to 80? / 176? degrees. Higher temperatures could considerably modification material properties.



Smooth Surface
Minimum Details
0.20 mm
Minimum wall Thickness
0.80 mm
Maximum Size
650 × 350 × 550 mm mm
Heat Resistance
80.00 °C