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Precious Plated Metal

Look and Feel:-

Precious Plated Metals are solid in Brass before prying intensive hand sprucing to make a swish surface texture. once being solid, we tend to underplate the brass with a tin-rhodium alloy to supply strength and sturdiness. Your product ar then plated with .25 microns of the valuable metal of alternative. the end result may be a stunning shiny luster with a high level of detail and swish surface end. to supply further protection against wear and tarnishing, we tend to deposit a really skinny nanocoating on prime of the valuable plating. However, this nanocoating can abrade with time and wear.

Brass consists of 15% zinc, 5% tin, and 80% copper. The tin-rhodium and valuable electroplatings ar concerning .25 micrometer every, however this could vary supported pure mathematics.


Handling and Care:-

Precious Plated Metal may be a sturdy material, however will still scratch or wear through. Prolonged surface wear will abrade the end. to stop harm, we tend to suggest storing your item in an exceedingly soft artefact pouch aloof from alternative product, and avoiding exposure to social unit chemicals and cleansing product.



Slightly rough
Minimum Details
0.40 mm
Minimum wall Thickness
0.80 mm
Maximum Size
89 × 89 × 100 mm mm
Heat Resistance
0.00 °C