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Look and Feel:-

All Gold merchandise bear in depth hand-polishing to convey them a swish, shiny end. 14k Gold encompasses a delicate, heat coloring, whereas 18k Gold is brighter and a lot of vivacious. 14k Rose Gold encompasses a pink tint, and 14k alloy feels like silver with a touch of gold.

1] 14k Gold consists of fifty eight Gold, 31% Copper, 10% Silver, and a hundred and twenty fifth metallic element.

2] 14k Rose Gold consists of fifty eight Gold, 40% Copper, 1% Silver, and a hundred and twenty fifth metallic element.

3] 14k alloy consists of fifty eight Gold, 24% Copper, 9% Zinc, and 9/11 Nickel.

4] 18k Gold consists of seventy fifth Gold, 10% Copper, and V-J Day Silver.

Please note that whereas we have a tendency to do verify the metal content of our gold merchandise, individual items don't seem to be tested by associate degree assay workplace or governmental agency.

When we hand-polish your Gold model, some material can inherently be worn off. Please note that the quantity of your finished product is also up to 100 percent but the first model attributable to shrinkage and sharpening loss.


Handling and Care :-

Gold are often maintained with most non-abrasive cleaners. Avoid exposing to house bleach, which may cause corrosion and discoloration.




Smooth Surface
Minimum Details
0.40 mm
Minimum wall Thickness
0.80 mm
Maximum Size
89 × 89 × 100 mm mm
Heat Resistance
900.00 °C