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Look and Feel:-

Sandstone is that the solely material capable of full-color 3D prints. created on Z-Corp printers, it's excellent for figurines, life-like models, avatars, and different product that lend themselves to colourful, high-quality printing. Models ar created by printing binder material and coloured ink layer-by-layer into a bed of gypsum-based powder. once printing, the models ar finished with a cyanoacrylate (super glue) sealer to make sure sturdiness and vivid colours. the ultimate product could be a exhausting, brittle material that works nice for figurines and visual models, however is not like minded to useful elements or daily handing. Models ought to be handled fastidiously, and not exposed to water because it can cause weakening

Coated Full Color arenaceous rock goes through an extra process step. A 2 half epoxy glue is brushed onto your product by hand, making a lot of vivid colours, extra strength, and a drum sander surface end.

When printing during this material, some variation in color shade is inevitable, particularly with difficult-to-produce colours like browns and skin tones. we have a tendency to optimize every press run to create individual models look nice, might even see variations in color once viewing multiple prints of identical model aspect by aspect.


Handling and Care This Material:-

1] not watertight
2] not foodsafe
3] not reclaimable
4] not dishwasher safe
Full color arenaceous rock is heatproof to 60
ºC / 140ºF  degrees. Higher temperatures could considerably amendment material properties.




No textures
Minimum Details
0.40 mm
Minimum wall Thickness
2.00 mm
Maximum Size
250 x 380 x 200 mm
Heat Resistance
60.00 °C