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Look and Feel

Cleaned Brass experiences broad hand cleaning to give it a smooth, sparkling completion. It is ideal for adornments and valuable items.

Raw Brass has a rural matte look, with unpleasant surfaces and some discoloring (shading spots). It is extraordinary for antique-looking items, practical parts, adornments models, and metal models that you'd get a kick out of the chance to clean and complete yourself.

It consists of 15% zinc, 5% tin, and 80% copper.

Handling and Care :-

Our Polished and Raw offerings will discolor after some time and may should be cleaned.

How it's 3D printed  :-

Brass models are manufactured utilizing a perplexing five-stage process. To start with, the model is imprinted in wax utilizing a particular high-determination 3D Printer. It is then placed in a holder where fluid mortar is poured in around it. Once the mortar sets, the wax is softened out in a heater, and the rest of the mortar turns into the form.

Molten brass is filled this shape and set to solidify. The mortar is split away, uncovering your new item. Crude Brass is quickly tumbled. Cleaned Brass is deliberately cleaned and hand cleaned. If it's not too much trouble know that cleaning can wear out or fill in fine points of interest and edges.

For interlocking parts, we interface each wax part with a sprue and after that cut and clean the sprue away in the wake of throwing.



Smooth Surface
Minimum Details
0.40 mm
Minimum wall Thickness
0.80 mm
Maximum Size
89 x 89 x 100 mm
Heat Resistance
900.00 °C