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Stainless Steel

Look and Feel:-

A robust metal with a rough, alveolate surface. Steel is accessible in an exceedingly type of polished and matte finishes, and smart for a large vary of applications as well as jewellery, practical components, and tiny sculptures.This material is 3D written 420 stainless-steel infused with bronze, and contains a final composition of roughly 60% steel and 40% bronze. The method that bronze infiltrates into the steel will vary, and this changes the colour of your product. If there's the next concentration of Bronze close to the surface of the merchandise, it'll war a lot of of Bronze's brown color. This has the foremost noticeable impact on stainless-steel, however may also have an effect on the shade of different finishes. The bronze infiltration method additionally needs the addition of sprues that area unit broken off and polished away when infusion. this may produce tiny, spherical marks on the ultimate product that seem drum sander and a lot of polished than the remainder of the merchandise.


Handling and Care This Material:-

1] is not reclaimable
2] is not foodsafe
It is heat immune to 831ºC / 1528ºF degrees. Higher temperatures could considerably modification material properties.

Nickel and Gold finishes will wear through

Matte Gold, Polished Gold, ANd Polished alloy steel bear an electroplating method that deposits a zero.1 micrometer layer on the surface of the merchandise. this offers them a novel end and is nice for aesthetic functions, however can wear off on practical product that area unit exposed to friction.


Please Note

Some individuals could have a nickel hypersensitivity reaction, therefore we tend to don't suggest mistreatment the Polished Nickel end for wearable things, significantly jewellery. Steel isn't utterly corrosion-resistant and should tarnish.



Minimum Details
1.00 mm
Minimum wall Thickness
3.00 mm
Maximum Size
762 x 393 x 393 mm
Heat Resistance
828.00 °C