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ABS or PLA Plastic (Send email for more than1 qty for bulk discount)

Look and Feel:-

ABS/PLA is obtainable in four colors: black, white, grey and orange. The writing creates visible stepping between layers. Support structures area unit generated to scaffold overhangs, that area unit manually removed when printing. The stepping and support structures produce a rough and generally rough surface. this can be a good material to use for prototyping and perfecting your final style.

The writing uses 0.4 millimeter diameter nozzle, 1.75 millimeter diameter filament, 0.2 millimeter layer height and 100 percent infill.


How it's 3D printed  :-

Printed using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology, the method uses associate degree extrusion technique to deposit liquified plastic onto build platform layer by layer. Plastic filament is fed through a nozzle that heats up the plastic to a semi-liquid state. this can be then deposited on an outlined extrusion path on high of a heated build platform. This method is perennial for every layer of your model. As every layer is deposited on high of the preceding layer, the plastic solidifies because it cools. Support structures area unit generated on overhangs to scaffold your model and stop deformation. These area unit then removed when the build. because of the layer by layer method, a way result are going to be visible on your models.



Slightly rough
Minimum Details
1.00 mm
Minimum wall Thickness
2.00 mm
Maximum Size
800 x 800 x 720 mm
Heat Resistance
70.00 °C