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The way education is parted to students needs to be changed to build better future for all. Thanks to the 3D printing technology that classroom and lab activities like teaching, guiding, and mentoring are undergoing revolution. It is the best tool education institutions can use to engage students in learning and experimenting. Moreover, producing skilled engineers, doctors, scientists, designers, and many other professionals can be easier if it is integrated into education. Here are 10 ways 3D printing can be used in education.

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<![CDATA[3 Amazing Projects You Should 3D Print Right Now]]>

3D printing technology has provided a platform to people who want to take their creativity to the next level and give innovations a new meaning. Whether one wants to create something out of a hobby, or for commercial purpose, 3D printing has made it easier. In fact, hobbyists, engineers, scientists, educationalists, and public and private organizations are taking up 3D printing service rapidly.

Since the latest 3D printers are easy to use and are compatible with advanced CAD software, you can take these 3 amazing 3D print projects.

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<![CDATA[3D Printed Medical Models (Fracture bone,Skull,etc) to Save Time During Surgery]]>


Use of 3D printing In Medical applications


Take for example, a dog that has a bone chip in the elbow joint

“The initial CT scan or X-ray will likely show the

problem, but it is difficult to explain to the family how it has occurred

and what treatment is required. With a model of the joint showing

where the damage has occurred, not only can the referring vet make

a better judgment on whether specialist surgery is required, but can

also show the pet owner how it will be done.


19Thu, 6 August 2015 00:00:00 UTC
<![CDATA[3D Printing Revolutionise Prosthetic Limbs and Care For Amputees]]>

The 3D printing service is an exceptional technology has been using since the start of the century for transforming medicine. This technique has helped the millions of people across the world by giving them prosthetic they need. Perhaps, another technique can substitute it for getting a rapid and economical creation of bespoke products. 

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<![CDATA[5 Awesome Things You Can Learn From 3D Printing Australia ]]>

3D Printing Service in Australia


Three dimension techniques are a vast world in itself and 3D printing nailed the job. You can actually print a physical model is really awesome. The kind of response 3D printing technology is gaining all over the world is marvelous. 3D printing in Australia is also growing at a faster pace. Every sector and professional wants 3D printing technology for its work due to its various advantages. 

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<![CDATA[Avail the best 3D printing services online for expert prototyping ]]>


Best Online 3D Printing Services


While running a business, a businessman always looks for smart and time saving techniques. This way he ensures profitability and success for his venture. In today’s world, technology is playing important role in several businesses. Computers have brought a kind of revolution bringing several new concepts in a process. 

3D printing is one such process which is giving marvelous results to many professionals. Most of the sectors are benefitting due to 3D printing technology. Economy of many countries has been growing due to this technology. 3D printing in Australia has been flourishing many businesses. 

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<![CDATA[Benefits and Challenges of 3D Printing in Automotive Industries]]>

3D printing technology helps in producing real objects with the help of digital 3D models. Since it has the potential to print a digital model into physical object, it has been adopted in all forms of engineering fields, including architecture. With its potential to produce cost-effective, and efficient mechanical parts faster, automotive industry too has started using it recently. How deep 3D printing for automotive industry can be incorporated is yet to be seen though. A recent global hub event held in Barcelona by IN(3D)USTRY brought forward some benefits and challenges of assimilating the technology into automotive industry. 

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<![CDATA[Benefits Of 3D Printing in Medical Industry ]]>


3D Printing For Medical


3D printing stunned the printing industry. People were excited to watch something that sounded impossible earlier. Printing on paper or document has left its imprints on an object through three-dimension technique. This was marvellous and many industries were benefitting through it. You could produce an object per your vision and it helped the manufacturing industry as well. Earlier, 3D printing was not that popular. However, considering its advantages for rapid prototyping, 3D printing became gained prominence in less time. 

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<![CDATA[Benefits of Laser Cutting to Design for Manufacturing Process]]>

Cutting, slicing, and shaping steel, aluminium, wood, rubber, plastics, etc. was a tedious task until five and odd decades ago. As the laser technology evolved in 1958, it brought lots of ease, safety, and efficiency. The wonders that this modern technology brought in a diverse field from medical, scientific, and manufacturing have contributed a lot in the manufacturing process. With industrialization on the rise, laser cutting service in Melbourne is booming. It is improving manufacturing process to global standard. Here are some of the benefits of laser cutting to the design for manufacturing process. 

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<![CDATA[Best 3D Modeling Software for Medical Industry]]>

3D modeling software has extended its horizon beyond architecture, interior designing, gaming, films, animation, and mechanical engineering by transforming the medical industry. It is helping healthcare professionals in simulating anatomy and creating interactive representation by the way of 3D printing. Not only this, 3D printing for medical industry is also helping in customizing 3D-printed medical devices, implants, prosthesis, and customized instrumentation. To print 3D models, a CAD design is created first using 3D modeling software. 

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<![CDATA[Best 3D Printing Materials for Jewelry Designers: Gold, Silver, Brass, Bronze]]>

3D Printing Materials For Jewelry


While 3D printing has touched most of the areas human beings can possibly think about, it has not yet made the same kind of impact in the jewelry industry. The reason is not the shortcoming of 3D printing technology, but delusion of people. Most of us have a wrong impression that 3D printed jewelry is made of metallic plastic. What we don't know is, 3D printing for jewelry is done using real, solid materials traditional jewelry is made from. In fact, the choice of materials of 3D jewelry printing is huge. But if you ask for best 3D printing materials to flaunt your style quotient, then gold, silver, brass, and bronze are the ones you should prefer.

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<![CDATA[Best Online 3D Printing Services in Australia ]]>


Online 3D Printing Services in Australia


3D printing has touched new shores with its various innovations. It is helping mankind in various sectors for progress. The kind of experiments that are taking place through 3D printing are amazing. Many companies have understood the impact of online 3D printing. The manufacturing sector is getting a makeover due to 3D printing. Technologies like rapid prototyping are coming to the core wherein a model can be made quickly from the original object. The chances for error are less in this technology. Most of the countries have accepted 3D printing and designers from the countries are researching more on it. 

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