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Top 10 Innovations Come In 3D Printing

2016-11-28 | Publicshed In: ROOT
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3D Printing in Australia


Computer Aided Design (CAD) has been making huge contributions to various professional sectors. 3D printing, part of CAD services is one of the major contributor with its new experiments and inventions. Today companies have understood its benefits and are using it. Not only companies but also countries are accepting it as it ultimately their economy. 3D printing in Australia  is gaining attention as it helping the country to progress ahead.



Rapid prototyping has also become easy with the use of 3D printing. Understanding the demand, many 3D printing services have come up to enhance the growth of 3D printing. These services help you with their 3D printing requirements. You just have to submit your project outline and desired result.

Zeal 3D Printing is a 3D printing company in Melbourne who provides 3D printing solutions to companies. They provide whereas other services like 3D scanning, 3D modelling and drafting among others.

3D printing is a vast topic and several new inventions are taking place. 3D printed food is in the process for us, which will be more organic and hence healthy. 3D printed body parts for medical industry have been researched and experiment is going on to replace cancer defected tissues with new 3D printed ones. 3D human figurines of humans are also possible. Construction industry are looking for 3D printed homes and architecture industry are providing three dimension plans instead of normal architecture plans of houses. Raptor hand, 3D printed prosthetic device for physically challenged people that operates mechanically concentrating on specific hand movements. 3D printed car has also been developed. 3D printed jewelry by the hobbyists is becoming popular.

For smooth functioning and saving time, you can check with your company for the option of online 3D printing as well.