Glass Filled Nylon, PA3200 (SLS)

QualitySmooth Surface
Min Details0.5mm
Minimum wall Thickness1.0mm
Maximum Size315x240x180mm
Heat Resistance176 °C
ColorWhite, Black, Red,Grey, Green, Purple, Transperent, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Orange,Clear, Brown

Objects printed in Nymon 3200 Glass-filled (glass-filled nylon) are made from a mix of polyamide powder and glass beads. The surface of the material is white and slightly porous. Nylon 3200 Glass-filled (glass-filled polyamide) is more durable and resistant than Polyamide 12. It gives you great freedom in your designs - allowing for both complex and inclosed volumes. The material is great for technical parts that need resistance and loads. The surface of Nylon 3200 Glass-filled (glass-filled nylon) is not as accurate as polyamide 12 but it will fit the requirements of technical parts. 

Nylon 3200 Glass-filled (glass-filled nylon) is a great 3D printing material that allows complex and resistant models. It is durable and strong that's why it perfectly fits technical uses. Nylon 3200 Glass-filled (glass-filled nylon) is used in many industries such as the automotive industry. It can be placed near engines and used for parts that require a lot of stresses and loads.

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