Get Your Own COVID-19 Face Mask with Online 3D Printing

As the COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus rages on, and global populations increasingly get into a state of panic, a few innovators in the world of online 3D printing hold out a glimmer of hope. Face masks – the first thing to fly off the shelves at stores across countries – can now be 3D printed, thanks to the out-of-the-box thinking and tireless efforts of a few 3D printing services.

Face masks are considered a very basic, but essential, tool in the fight against the coronavirus. Its demand grew exponentially as cases of affected people rose overnight in mainland Europe, Australia, and the USA, raising demand exponentially.

A 3D Printing Service Provider with a Vision

The far-reaching and seemingly life-saving, impact of rapid prototyping services was first tested in Italy by a 3D printing company that was able to churn out 100 respiratory valves within 24 hours to aid hospitals to cope with the rising number of incoming patients. These valves are safe for use up to eight hours at a time. The prototype model for the face mask, with a disposable filter, is available for download on the internet.STL format. What’s more, anyone can access and use it to 3D print their own mask at no cost at all!

Face Mask with 3D Printing    

Easy to make yourself

This genius of a face mask can be easily put together. The humble makers of the mask have made it amply clear that they are not in it for the profit and, therefore, the design has been kept really simple so that anyone and print it quickly. For the filter, use your imagination! No, seriously, any form of protection – thing piece of fabric, a coffee filter, paper towel, etc. – can be used as a filter on the mask.

Affordable and Accessible Healthcare for All

If you don’t have your own 3D printer and are looking for 3D printing services in Australia to help you get the masks printed, there are many such companies that will be glad to be of service to you!

3D printed strips within the mask can trap exhaled microbes, while the person wearing it can be screened effectively. The mask is also effective in mass screenings where it aids health workers to check potential infections very quickly, thereby preventing the need for long durations of quarantine.

3D Printing of Covid Masks  


The potential benefits of 3D printing for the medical industry have been known for a while. Now, with the invention of 3D printable surgical masks and 3D printing valves to aid in respiration, the whole world is witnessing the immense humanitarian contribution of this disruptive technology.

Scientists have pronounced their verdict, saying that these 3D printed masks are as good as the real thing. This means, that they can potentially save millions of lives across the planet and not just COVID-19. Consumers can easily use them to protect themselves from the whole spectrum of respiratory infections and diseases.

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