How to Get an Instant Price for Your 3D Prints

Though 3D printers are not yet affordable, there are other means to get 3d prints without investing huge money. No matter what your budget is and what material you are looking to print it, you can easily get an instant price for your 3D prints by contacting an experienced 3D printing service in Australia.

Upload Your 3D Design

3D Printed Models

Once your 3D design is ready, all you need to do is search for 3D printing services and upload it on their websites. Uploading designs are easy and faster. Knowing the exact specifications of the design is essential to quote the price. In case you aren’t sure about what material to use for printing, the service provider can also suggest whether polyamide, resin, etc. would suit your design along with the price for printing.

Can You Get a Price Without Uploading a 3D File?

Yes! It is possible to get a price for your 3D prints without having a 3D file to upload. In that case, you will get a tentative price. The exact quote for the 3D print will vary as per the changes you made in the design file. This means the final price will be quoted only if the 3D file is completely ready. In short, the price will depend on the machine and labor costs involved in printing the product. The quantity of material required for 3D printing your design will be a major factor for quoting the price.

3D Scanning

You can print and customize an existing object by 3D scanning. Many free 3D scanning platforms are available for scanning small objects. Once the scan is ready, look for online 3D printing services, and upload it for instant price quote.

Use Design Database

In case you aren’t ready with a design, but have a fair idea on what to get printed, download a design from 3D design databases. You can easily get a similar design to use for getting a tentative price.

There are a few factors that will affect the price of your 3D prints. To have an instant quote, Zeal 3D printing is a reputed company for 3D printing in Melbourne. They provide 3D printing services for medical, architectural, automotive, and educational institution.

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