Flexible Elasto Plastics (SLS)

QualitySmooth Surface
Min Details0.5mm
Minimum wall Thickness0.8mm
Maximum Size300x300x150mm
Heat Resistance90°C
ColorOff White

"Elasto Plastic is an off-white elastomer that is very flexible. It has a rough, grainy finish, and is quite strong when printed with thick features (greater than 5mm). Elasto Plastic is an experimental material, and although we’re very excited about its capabilities, the quality is not ready for broader use."

"This material not watertight, not foodsafe, not recyclable, not dishwasher safe.
Elasto plastic is heatproof to 90ºC / 194ºF degrees. Higher temperatures may significantly change material properties."

"To print in this material, we start with a bed of Nylon powder and sinter the powder with a laser layer by layer, solidifying the powder as we go. Because of this layer by layer process, some products may see a staircase effect. How much you see this effect depends on how your model is oriented in the print tray. Our production planners are working hard to orient models optimally to ensure efficient and good lookin' trays."

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