Fiber Filled Nylon PA12-CF(SLS) Carbonomide

QualitySmooth Surface
Min Details0.5mm
Minimum wall Thickness0.8mm
Maximum Size600x335x335mm
Heat Resistance176 °C

The CarbonMide objects printed from a fine black plastic polyamide powder (PA12) reinforced with carbon-fibers. The material is characterized by an excellent stiffness and a maximized weight-strength-ratio. It nearly has the same mechanical properties than the solid black plastic Polyamide but is much more lightweight. The material is great for experienced professionals and people in need of a strong and lightweight material, and a very high 3D printing precision.

CarbonMide is very similar to 3D printed polyamide as it is flexible, has a high impact resistance and is stable to every weather. The additional value of the CarbonMide is its lightweight. Carbon filled materials are great for parts that require high resistance and lightweight. Many applications can fit the material capacities: mechanical ( prototypes, geared systems, articulated objects, etc.), electrical, medical, ornamental, or even educational parts. CarbonMide parts are often used for aerodynamic components in motor sports applications.

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