How to Design Custom Chocolate Molds With 3D Printing and Vacuum Forming


3D printing has come up as a smart option for small scale manufacturing and rapid prototyping. 3D printing in food industry is pacing rapidly with many companies experimenting on 3D printed food. 3D printing online in Australia has seen immense growth due to digitalisation and companies like Zeal 3D Printing Services. Vaccum Casting Process

3D printed food molds for available for making 3D printed food. Chocolate is everyone’s favourite dessert and you relish any food or beverage in chocolate flavour. What’s more, nowadays customised 3D printed chocolate molds are available to excite the chocolate fans. Many of the companies are making 3D printed chocolate candies in the shape of people by taking their selfies and later scanning and making their molds. If you are looking for making chocolates molds for your brand, you need to consult one of the best 3D printing services.

When you make customised chocolate molds, you need to be sure that the material is food safe, flexible and reusable. You can print the mold food safe resin material. You need to use the model that has flat surface and can be levelled with vacuum forming machine. Vacuum casting process allows you to trap the mold in the vacuum forming sheet. You can also resort to online 3D printing to save your time.

Vacuum casting is a procedure where a vacuum is used to draw the liquid material in the mold. This process is used when air entrapment is a difficulty. You can vacuum form the mold using food safe high density plastic. After printing the mold, you need to clean it with soap and water. Brush with oil before pouring the chocolate. If you are looking for best 3D printing in Australia, you can connect with Zeal 3D.

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