Defence Innovations with 3D Printing Military Applications

The use of cutting-edge technology is not new in the world of defence and military. In the case of 3D printing or additive manufacturing technologies as well, the defence industry has been one of the front-runners in adopting it.

The promise of cost reductions in the production of tools and components for military equipment, to design flexibility and on-demand, on-site manufacturing, 3D printing allows military pundits a lot of liberty.

Probably, the most crucial advantage of choosing this disruptive technology over traditional manufacturing techniques lies in spare parts production, enabling highly efficient maintenance and repair of military defence systems.

Applications and Advantages of 3D Printing in Defence

  1. Rapid, cost-effective production – 3D printing has sped up designing of products by eliminating the need for traditional tooling. Now, cut down production time from weeks, and even months, to a matter of hours! Processes of repair and maintenance of your precious military equipment can also be streamlined and sped up, using additive manufacturing techniques.
  2. Lightweight designs – Designers now have the freedom to cut down on unnecessary features on equipment that drastically helps to reduce overall product weight. Again, this helps to save on overall costs of production.
  3. More customizations – Now, empower your soldiers to print any military equipment they on-site, at the military base, as and when they need it. For example, 3D printing has already been used in creating Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs), using the ‘snap fit’ technique in which the entire aircraft can be assembled in minutes, without any tools!
3d printing in defence

Metal 3D Printing in Defence Industry

Zeal uses advanced DMLS 3D print technology to print defence and military equipment in a variety of metals, irrespective of the complexity of the design. This is a huge shift from conventional manufacturing which rendered many complex designs useless due to its inability to produce it. Now, 3D print military weapons such as guns, rocket launchers, drones. Research is underway to develop 3D printed missiles as well!

Zeal offers highly precise industrial grade metal 3D printing in the following materials.

  • Stainless Steel 420 – SLM
  • Aluminum (Alsi-10mg) – SLM
  • Stainless Steel – DMLS
  • Titanium – DMLS
  • MS1 Steel – DMLS
  • Nickel Alloy In625 –DMLS
  • Nickel Alloy In718 – DMLS
  • Cobalt Chrome – DMLS
3d printing in defence  

Plastic 3D Printing in Defence Industry

Plastic 3D printing has proven itself to be critical for the purposes of prototyping, research and development, restocking in defence. Military operations will be handicapped without supplies such as food, fuel for vehicles, ammunition and tools for repair and maintenance. Zeal 3D printing fulfils all your needs with our repertoire of plastic 3D printing materials such as:

  • Nylon 12 (Caron Filled Thermoplastic) –FDM
  • PC (Industrial Thermoplastic) –FDM
  • ULTEM9085 (Flame RetardantThermoplastic) –FDM
  • ULTEM1010 (ca withstand steam Autoclaving) –FDM
  • Nylon PA2200 –SLS
  • Glass Filled Nylon PA3200 –SLS
  • Alumide –SLS
  • HP Premium Nylon –MJF
  • RGD450 (Pp Grade)–PolyJet
  • Agilus 30 (Flexible) –PolyJet
  • Digital ABSPlus (tough and resistant to high temperatures) – PolyJet
  • ABSResin –SLA

Why Zeal 3D Printing

Zeal understands how critical it is to develop the right equipment for defence purposes – a matter of life and death in the battlefield. The Zeal assurance of quality and the most advanced use of available 3D print software and technology such as FDM, SLS, SLA, MJM, MJF, PolyJet, DMLS, SLM etc. helps your business take care of crucial military and defence requirements.

The clock is always ticking when it comes to deadlines, especially for military projects. Zeal 3D printing is a trusted name when it comes to on-time delivery. Our expert team of engineers, with years of experience behind them, have gained the confidence of leading Australian defence companies.

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