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Customized 3D Printing is the Next Big Trend in Eyewear

3D printing is helping eyewear manufacturers cut downtime of production by 75%. Consumers also have more readily available options for their preferred eyewear.

The eyewear industry is on the threshold of a revolutionary change. There is an increasing demand for product customization and personalization. And, 3D printing is aiding this change. Innovation has become the buzzword where individuals want to add a distinct touch to their eyewear. What’s more, 3D printing customizable eyewear is cheaper than the traditional glasses. As they say, all it takes is a good idea and the will to execute it well.

So, why is 3D printing such a revolutionary idea for the eyewear industry?

3d printed eyewear in Melbourne


There are limitless combinations in concept and design when it comes to custom-made 3D eyewear. 3D printing services in Australia use technology to create both simple and complex designs.


Picking the right pair of glasses is a time-consuming process. Considerations of comfort rank high with the consumer. The cutting-edge 3D technology uses lesser materials on eyewear. 3D printed glasses are lighter and more comfortable.


Nylon is most commonly used in 3D printing processes. The material properties of nylon include resistance and durability. Thus, superior quality is ensured.


3D printed glasses have been around for a few years now. Manufacturers are starting to adopt this design innovation. Apart from innovation, customers get to enjoy the originality of the concept and the fun element in the designs.

Manufacturers have to be at the forefront of innovation in order to improve their business. Zeal 3D Printing Services offers innovative solutions that are on the cutting edge, in this regard. 3D printing might be the most perfect solution to this end. Zeal incorporates this vision of a next-generation engineering marvel. They believe it will lead to a better tomorrow.


Simply owning a technology does not ensure mastery over it. What makes Zeal one of the leading online 3D printing services is its ability to combine technology and craftsmanship.

Using its advanced 3D technology, Zeal 3D prints eyewear models as per the design requirements of customers. Through this process, Zeal is helping address customization demands of the eyewear industry.

With the help of their optician, customers can test a 3D printed frame, adapt it to their morphology, choose or reject millions of possible combinations. Once customers settle on one or more models, these will be printed with Nylon 12 (FDM), using Zeal’s wide range of 3D printers designed for businesses. Nylon is the perfect material as it is skin-friendly, flexible, and offers many possible finishing touches.

3D Printed Eyewear


An experienced pro in the 3D printing business, Zeal has proven to be an ally to the medical fraternity in Australia. Their accomplished team of engineers and designers has the ability to enhance any existing 3D CAD designs and create 3D models as per the requirements of the medical industry.

So, do you have the next big design idea for your own 3D printed glasses? Get a head start by uploading your requirements for materials and printers on Zeal 3D Printing Services for an instant quote.


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