Customized Your 3D Printed Sound Wave Jewelry by Speaking into The Computer

3D Printed Sound Wave Jewelry

3D printing has proven to be a boon for many sectors be it manufacturing, medical, or automotive. With this additive manufacturing technology, it is possible to transform any new concept design into reality in fast turnaround time and inexpensive manner. The biggest advantage of this wonder technology has been ‘prototyping.’ Not only any mechanical or electrical parts and components, you can also make jewelry models. In fact, 3D printing for jewelry is catching up with people at a faster rate. What’s unusual about it is, you can personalize any jewelry pieces and have a unique design matching to your voice. All you need to do is speak any words into your computer, and the generated sound wave will be used for 3D printing and giving shape to the piece of jewelry.

3d printing for jewelry

Wearing a piece of 3D printed jewelry, whether an erring, engagement ring, necklace, or bracelet, will not only make you confident, but also a show-stopper. The printed product will have all the shine and spark despite not using precious metals. Besides gleaming, the piece of jewelry will bear an unconventional design as well since it will be matching to your voice. In addition to having a unique design, you can also personalize the jewelry piece by printing your name or your loved one on it.

With tremendous possibilities of customizing jewelry with the sound waves of your voice, 3D printing service for jewelry in Australia has taken the center stage. In case you are not satisfied with your voice, you change your voice and accent for unique shapes. Just play around with your voice until you are satisfied with the looks of the sound waves. This is the best way to add a personal touch to the jewelry. While going the traditional way of jewelry-making will be expensive, 3D printed jewelry is an attractive option for those with less means.

3D printed jewelry is the best gift for any occasion. You can gift it on Valentine’s Day, marriage anniversary, birthday, Mother’s Day, or simply to pamper your loved ones. When printed by the best 3D printing services in Melbourne, there is quality and low-cost piece of jewelry is guaranteed. If you have been waiting to propose someone in a fashionable and inimitable manner, just say something beautiful for her and get your feelings etched forever in the piece of jewelry. Zeal 3D Printing is one of the best in customized 3d printing services in Melbourne. The experience, creativity, and customer service attitude they carry are unmatchable

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