The Changing Face of Product Designing with 3D Printing

3D printing in the contemporary industrialized world has become an indispensable tool in any manufacturing process, including the domains of medicine, automotive, retail, aerospace and so on. Businesses employ this advanced yet easy to use technology to achieve design precision and high-quality standards in the end products.

How 3D printing has scored over traditional manufacturing processes

Conventional techniques of production such as injection moulding or casting are only feasible and cost-effective when used for mass production. However, when it comes to small-batch testing and rapid prototyping, 3D printing has proved revolutionary.

Designing and testing of custom 3D printed parts in small batches makes more sense as far as time and funding are concerned for the manufacturer. 3D printing design services are providing this flexible option to product designers at comparatively lower costs. Product designing with 3D printing is much more precise.

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Real-world benefits of industrial applications of 3D printing in product designing

  1. Automotive industry: This industry has benefitted greatly from the application of 3D print designing. The technology has brought down costs in the domain of tooling, assembly, outsourcing, and spare parts production and so on. The turnaround time for many companies has been drastically reduced helping them to retain customers and to attract new ones
  2. Investment Casting: This has especially benefitted industries such as aerospace, medical and automotive who have been able to cut down on costs at the source by being able to rework on design flaws at the prototyping stage itself. There have been improvements in the quality of cast metal parts as well while being able to reduce overall costs and time of production.
  3. Custom 3D Printed Parts: 3D printing has made the consumer almost an equal partner in the product design process. This has been made possible with consumers providing real-time feedback and sharing personal design preferences.
  4. Home Entertainment: from custom-made earphones to personalized components on consumer electronics, 3D printing has made entertainment experiences even more personal.

Outsourcing 3D print requirements

With greater emphasis being placed on setting up in-house printing services, there are still advantages of outsourcing your product designing needs to a specialist service provider.

Firstly, outsourcing provides access to advanced, state-of-the-art technology that might not be economically feasible to afford for a particular company. Also, the rate at which the technology is advancing, investing in an in-house set up might become obsolete in a few months’ time down the line.

Secondly, outsourcing also exposes businesses to the expertise and experience of specialists in the field that no amount of training and instruction can achieve in-house. This is the reason why many big businesses, despite having the financial resources still choose to outsource their product designing requirements.

Product Designing with 3D Printing

Choose Zeal 3D Printing Services How Are 3D Cad Models Used In The Design Process

Zeal 3D Printing Services offers experience and expertise packed in one package. Our in-depth knowledge of CAD designing, CNC machining, vacuum casting, injection tooling moulding, and engineering skills make us stand out from the crowd.

We use only the most advanced 3D print technology to deliver superior quality services to some of the leading manufacturers in Australia. These technologies include FDM, SLA, advanced 3D scanning and CAD, PolyJet and metal 3D printing services.

As a leading company in 3D printing in Melbourne, Zeal offers its services to various industries such as:

  • Architecture;
  • Mechanical models;
  • Jewellery;
  • Electronic products;
  • Medical prosthetics and dental implants;
  • Miniature models;
  • Wearables; and
  • Project prototypes.
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