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Vacuum casting is a rapid prototyping process used in manufacturing industries to create vacuum products and functional plastic parts. It is conducted with a silicone master model made by SLA or CNC. In this process, a plastic sheet is heated to make it soft and pliable to stretch and vacuum on a mold. When cooled, the heated plastic takes the shape of the mold and forms a three-dimensional object. There are many examples of vacuum casting products    that we see and use daily in life. These vacuum-formed products are used in food, cosmetic, and electronic industries for packaging. There are several benefits of using vacuum casting for your business.

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3D printing has come up as a smart option for small scale manufacturing and rapid prototyping. 3D printing in food industry is pacing rapidly with many companies experimenting on 3D printed food. 3D printing online in Australia has seen immense growth due to digitalisation and companies like Zeal 3D Printing Services.

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