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Category: Rapid Prototyping Services

CNC machining can be depicted as a process of manufacturing in which the movement of the factory tools and machinery is stringently dictated by pre-programmed computer software. CNC is the abbreviated form of Computer Numerical Control which denotes a specific type of machining that subtracts material from the raw stock. CNC machining services are provided by Zeal 3D Printing about using digital manufacturing technology and producing parts of high accuracy from a Computer Aided Design (CAD) file.

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3d printed battery

As the craze of wearable devices is increasing, the manufacturing companies are pushing their limits to deliver the best in class and better battery life devices to the customers. All the wearable devices are not the same, every device is different from each other and has a different power requirement.

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3D printing technology uses a 3D CAD model to turn it into a physical object in three dimension shape. It does the printing by laying down the printing material on a platform layer by layer until the replica of the digital CAD model is formed. It was invented during the late 1980s and was also called rapid prototyping technology. In 1986, Charles Chuck Hull invented SLA machine and registered stereolithography patent in his name. Since then, the 3D printing technology has evolved rapidly. It was introduced in Australia in the second half of the 1980s. It took time initially to get adapted though, but with advancement over the years, Australia’s history with 3D printing got impressive.

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polished-brass - Zeal 3d Printing

3D metal printing is offering numerous advantages to manufacturing industry. Besides, it is also influencing jewelry industry and world of art and sculptors. Though there are wide options of materials in metal, 3D printing in brass is commonly preferred. The advantage of using brass in 3D printing is the feasibility of creating detailed or complex design. In fact, there is no better option than brass for 3D printing jewelry, miniatures, sculptures, etc. Here are the 6 reasons why we love 3D printing in brass material.

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