Castable Wax (MJM)

QualityUltra Smooth Surface
Min Details0.1mm
Minimum wall Thickness0.6mm
Maximum Size75x75x50mm
Heat Resistance80°C

Castable Wax has a rich blue color, and a weight and surface feel similar to traditional candle wax. Wax products sometimes have white patches caused by slight remnants of the support material, but these should not affect the wax' castability or the final cast product.

"Wax is very fragile, and should be handled very carefully. Even with our custom padded packaging, Wax products sometimes break in the mail after we ship them to you. If this is the case, please contact customer service, and we can reprint it for you.
Castable Wax can be cast alongside standard wax using a standard burnout cycle. Wax is very temperature sensitive, and will become particularly brittle when cold. It will begin softening around 60C or 140F and melts at 80C or 176F. It can slowly deform and weaken over time, so we recommend casting your product as soon as possible when you receive it.
We ensure the quality of your Wax product up until you receive it, but we can't be responsible for any modifications that are made after. Once sprues have been added to a Wax product, or it has been cast into metal, we cannot guarantee its quality."

This material is 3D printed using the Multijet Modeling (MJM) process. Molten wax is deposited onto an aluminum build platform in layers using several nozzles that sweep across the build area. As the heated material jets onto the build plate, it solidifies. A different type of wax with a lower melting temperature is deposited below overhangs in your product, acting as a support material. When printing is finished, we remove the models from the tray and put them into a heated bath that melts away the support material. Finally, we inspect the models and allow them to dry.

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