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Bronze is an alloy of copper & tin, and it's among the widely-employed materials used for various applications, including home decor, jewellery, and more. It sports 10% of tin and 90% of copper, which gives a subtle marbling effect to this alloy. One proficient benefit of utilizing Bronze is it can display very intricate details. Bronze 3d printing is quite popular as manufacturers use this material for printing custom art pieces & jewellery designs. 

This alloy is printed using the Lost-Wax Metal Casting technique, which offers a high level of precision in printing design. First, the 3d model is printed in wax and then it's covered with a stone-like material. The wax is then heated, drained and the stone cavity is filled with Bronze. The cast is then removed once it cools down.

Bronze 3D Printing



    Bronze composition: Copper: 90% & Tin: 10% 

    Elongation at break: 0-70% 

    Tensile modulus: 96- 120 GPa

     Tensile strength: 70-800 MPa

      Melting point: 950 °C

Properties of materials


    • High resistance to corrosion.

   • Lower metal-to-metal friction.

   • Good machinability for functional parts.

   • Higher brittleness and hardness.

   • It offers above-average thermal conductivity.



      • Valve and pump components. 

      • Marine equipment. 

       • Fasteners. 

       • Engine components. 

        • High-temperature applications.

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