Brighten Up Christmas with Customized 3D Printing Ideas

3D printing custom parts have become really popular, especially among those with a creative spark and seeking a bit of novelty in the everyday. With Christmas around the corner, perk up your home décor with these innovative ideas using online 3D printing services, instead of wracking your brains about shopping ideas online.

3D Printed Christmas Tree

Missed your Christmas shopping window? Fret not! Now you can 3D print an entire Christmas tree! The size and features (e.g. number of branches) of the tree can be perfectly customized. What’s more, you can reuse the tree for years to come.

3D printed christmas tree

Santa/ Rudolph (Reindeer) Ornament

Create your own Santa ornament to be the crowning glory of your Christmas tree décor. Used coloured filament or make it white, if you want to contrast it with the other coloured jewels in the tree. You can also add a 3D printed Rudolph, the reindeer, alongside Santa. Entrust Zeal 3D printing services with your ornament ideas for a memorable Christmas time.

3D printed santa

Snowflake Decoration

Customized 3D printing services by Zeal can be availed of for printing the most used piece of Christmas decoration – the snowflake. Our 3D printers can produce these cute snowflakes en masse and at unbelievably affordable prices.


3D Printed Gifts

Come Christmas time, and it is a time for giving. Plan your gifts so that they leave a lasting impression on the receiver. 3D printing custom parts now gives you the flexibility to create gift boxes of varying sizes and colours, not to mention 3D printing some of the gifts themselves. Here are some unique 3D printed gifting ideas:

  • 3D Printed Crib: Create your own 3D printed Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
  • Coral Candle Shade: Bring out those unused candles gathering dust in your cupboard and customize it with a coral candle shade which can be easily 3D printed at Zeal 3D printing services.
  • Chess Set: For that intellectual nerd in your family, 3D-print this unique gift which can also become part of the household Christmas décor. Print in metal or in plastic, depending on the quality and durability of the material.
  • Christmas Cookie Cutters: These are ideal gifts for the aspiring MasterChef Australia in the family or among your friends. These plastic 3D printed cuties can double up as kitchen accessories or you can hang them up on the Christmas tree to show off their aesthetic value!

3d printed gifts

Choose Zeal 3D Printing Services

Zeal 3D printing services have been a leader when it comes to 3D printing in Australia. This Christmas, leave all your décor worries and gifting ideas in our safe hands. We specialize in 3D printing custom parts.

Simply upload yours .STL file on to the Zeal 3D printing web portal, provide your design specifications, choose the colour and material you want your 3D printed product in and sit back! We will deliver the highest quality 3D printed Christmas décor that you will be proud to show off. So, what are you waiting for?

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